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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Diary Of Our Lepaking @ KL

Its jst another weekend *i mean last weekend* this time, e lepaking took place in KL - with e help of public transport & our own feet..LMAO XD

kicking off e weekend:jst as my class finished tht friday evening, i get myself up & took a train *KTM* to Central KL b4 i took a monorail 2 Chow bro was stayin @ Brisdale Hotel , so i jst join em up..

tht night we had our dinner @ Chop N Steak (The Ship) Kg. Baru..i had Smoked Salmon while bro zack ordered Chicken Gordon Blue..then we shared the macaroni..damn i love e macaroni!!! how i wish i can prepare something like tht..hoho..btw e place is jst a walking distance from e hotel *Chow Kit to Kg. Baru = not tht far lah*..

1st day:Our journey started from Chow Kit *e hotel of cos* to Bukit Bintang..had some window shopping @ Sungei Wang & a lunch @ Teppanyaki..

our next destination was Central Market..& we did some more batik hunting *after tht Kelantan*..but in e end bro Zack decided 2 buy some batik drawing tools instead..haha..jst wait & see 4 e outcme *wonder when..lalala;p*

then we head to Sogo for some more window shopping..& after Maghrib, we started walking to our next destination 4 our dinner - Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa @ Kg. Baru..

while walking our ass off to Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa @ Kg. Baru from Sogo..

though we only take away as theres no more available we head back to e hotel but stopped awhile at this Durian Stall jst on e way 2 e hotel

tired eh?
stopped @ a Durian Stall - on our way from Kg. Baru to e hotel..bro, tired eh? ekeke;p

wanna join us? hoho
wanna join us? yummy ^_^

the packed Durian we took worth MYR10..but no worries cos e taste worth every penny of it..oh my..huhu

2nd day:we went out jst after checkin out frm e hotel, n straight to Mid Valley..plan 4 tht day was to watch e movie StreetDance 3D - which i will post more abt it later; we had some doughnuts @ Dunkin Donuts as a light meal b4 e movie..only after e movie we had some real meals..i mean after i had my new haircut..lalala;p..& we chose Korean Cuisine @ e food court..hoho..& bro zack also took grilled tofu as a side dish..

Korean Cuisine
Korean Cuisine 4 lunch + dinner XD

Yummy Yum ^_^
im tellin u this dish r really tasteful

grilled tofu
our side dish..the grilled tofu

Ive Cleared My Plate..ekeke XD
& ive cleared the whole set..LMAO

my review..not bad..@ actually, damn i love it..haha..i mean e korean dish..tht grilled tofu was kinda too spicy for me *as i dnt really eat spicy*

& thts it..e highlights of e much thanks to bro zack 4 inviting me 2 join him 4 e lepaking..till e next post..peace out ^_^

p/s; ive attached some links on this post jst in case for further reading abt those places / dining places weve went to..feel free to check them other intention, just for educational & informational purpose only~

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