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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Varicella: I'm a Monster! So My MC Got Extended~

its been 7 days *OMG! a week alrdy!!* since i 1st felt e 1st i thought its only e usual fever bt still hopin tht im so not gonna fall sick..unfortunately e truth totally even worst than i can imagine..blisters which i 1st thought jst another pimples started comin out..then i realize those "pimples" r not jst ordinary pimples..they contains water! then i started 2 hve such a really bad i go search on google abt varicella..& yeah, my instinct totally right~

last saturday night, i go to e clinic & the dr. jst cnfirmed tht im diagnosed with varicella a.k.a chicken pox..well actually according 2 my mum, i alrdy gt this chickn pox thing 1ce when im still a baby & it was severe as it affected my lungs..& lucky 4 me, 20 years later, it came back with a whole lot better pain!! T_T..

thanks 2 e chicken & e pox, i can hardly eat, drink, sleep & even move..hoho..i remember when i get into e bus 2 get back 2 penang tht sunday & e blisters started comin out on my face, it was totally e most horrible & terrifying ride ive evr been so far..ive turned into a monster!! even e guy who sat beside me seems scared with me..huhu

Not this kind of MONSTER~

as e days go by, ive transformed into a much monstery monster..huhu..with all these taboos, theres totally not a single shining day in my life yet..wuwuwu..i cant eat meat, chicken, seafoods, egg, soy sauce & lot for days i only eat rice pooridge with fish & smetimes i cant even eat since my throat seems like swollen inside..

e MONSTER ive bcme

as now its been a week since e fever started & smewht around 5 days since e blisters started poppin out, i really hope e next day gonna b a better e itchy r less than e early days *secret? Neem leaves i guess:)..bathing with water mixed with e leaves really help lessen e itchiness*..also coconut water as it helps to coolen off e body..

yesterday ive gone 2 e clinic 2 gt my prescription & extend my MC..even e doctor seems shocked 2 look @ wht else i can do..hmm

today i felt better, e blisters im not sure if theres still 2 come since there seems so little i mean less on my feet 2 compare those on my upper i really hope this will end very soon & im so jst waiting for all these blisters to dry up..e scars? damn thts another story..hope theres no serious scars as Eid Mubarak jst around e corner..wawawa..jst wish me to get well very soon & everythin gonna b jst fine yea..tq..peace out

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Please Be careful on the product that you choose:
Especially on the whitening products its more TOXIC!

Saya sayang awak ^_^

Thursday, July 22, 2010

When The Moves Step Into a Whole New Dimension

seriously i think i jst currently addicted to 3D movies..hoho..n by watching e movie StreetDance 3D, tht addiction jst gettin, wht abt this movie?

last weekend, when bro zack told me abt this movie, i honestly had no idea at all abt it..i even thought it was e movie Step Up 3D which ive been waitin 4 so long *i personally think tht Step Up movies - Step Up & Step Up 2 The Streets r e best dance movie franchise*..

so without a doubt, we jst go for e movie with our backpack *we jst checked out frm e hotel tht day remember;p*..hahaha..& as e movie started, i am really surprised as e cast r speaking in a British clearly i was wrong..

StreetDance 3D

Step Up 3D - spot e similarities?

but no there is no dissapointment at all as e intro already showcased some great moves in 3D..i mean seriously as i usually only watch 3D cartoon movies like Toy Story 3 & e most recent Despicable Me..who knows dance movie can b a really great material 2 b produced in 3D..i am so lovin it..

this movie is abt when street dance meet ballet..but naa i wont write abt e synopsis & etc..cos u jst really must go watch it by ur own 3D!!! to feel e experience..overall, good storyline..packed with great performances especially e final dance r totally a must watch!! & 4 sure ull gonna feel like dancing along as e music starts - cos e soundtracks r sick!! & i jst recently got it in my hands..LMAO XD

the original sountrack
the OST

track list

wht more surprising is, 1 of my fav song actually a single released from this sountrack which is Candy by Aggro Santos ft. Kimberly Wyatt..yea u heard it right..its Kim a.k.a miss former Pussycat "Flexy" Doll - e 1 who mostly known 4 her infamous standing oversplit..& yeah she can actually sing!!! *its a very simple tune though* e rest of e girls already replaced by new DANCERS *4 real*, Nicole 4 sure cn keep controlling all e limelight in e group & smiling 2 her bank..haha

Aggro & Kim performin Candy Live

back 2 e soundtracks, my fav r among Candy *4 sure*, Broken - McLean, We Dance On - N-Dubz ft. Bodyrox, Tiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer) - Ironik, Work It Out - Lightbulb Thieves *its e Breaking Point Crew final dance song*, Strong Again - N-Dubz, Cash In My Pocket - Wiley, Beggin' - Madcon *featured a lot in e 8tv's Showdown 2010*, The Humblest Start - LP&JC, & Life Is Beautiful - Vega4..

thats all 4 now i guess..till then adios ^_^

-by cypol-
p/s: cant wait 4 STEP UP 3D!!!XD

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Diary Of Our Lepaking @ KL

Its jst another weekend *i mean last weekend* this time, e lepaking took place in KL - with e help of public transport & our own feet..LMAO XD

kicking off e weekend:jst as my class finished tht friday evening, i get myself up & took a train *KTM* to Central KL b4 i took a monorail 2 Chow bro was stayin @ Brisdale Hotel , so i jst join em up..

tht night we had our dinner @ Chop N Steak (The Ship) Kg. Baru..i had Smoked Salmon while bro zack ordered Chicken Gordon Blue..then we shared the macaroni..damn i love e macaroni!!! how i wish i can prepare something like tht..hoho..btw e place is jst a walking distance from e hotel *Chow Kit to Kg. Baru = not tht far lah*..

1st day:Our journey started from Chow Kit *e hotel of cos* to Bukit Bintang..had some window shopping @ Sungei Wang & a lunch @ Teppanyaki..

our next destination was Central Market..& we did some more batik hunting *after tht Kelantan*..but in e end bro Zack decided 2 buy some batik drawing tools instead..haha..jst wait & see 4 e outcme *wonder when..lalala;p*

then we head to Sogo for some more window shopping..& after Maghrib, we started walking to our next destination 4 our dinner - Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa @ Kg. Baru..

while walking our ass off to Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa @ Kg. Baru from Sogo..

though we only take away as theres no more available we head back to e hotel but stopped awhile at this Durian Stall jst on e way 2 e hotel

tired eh?
stopped @ a Durian Stall - on our way from Kg. Baru to e hotel..bro, tired eh? ekeke;p

wanna join us? hoho
wanna join us? yummy ^_^

the packed Durian we took worth MYR10..but no worries cos e taste worth every penny of it..oh my..huhu

2nd day:we went out jst after checkin out frm e hotel, n straight to Mid Valley..plan 4 tht day was to watch e movie StreetDance 3D - which i will post more abt it later; we had some doughnuts @ Dunkin Donuts as a light meal b4 e movie..only after e movie we had some real meals..i mean after i had my new haircut..lalala;p..& we chose Korean Cuisine @ e food court..hoho..& bro zack also took grilled tofu as a side dish..

Korean Cuisine
Korean Cuisine 4 lunch + dinner XD

Yummy Yum ^_^
im tellin u this dish r really tasteful

grilled tofu
our side dish..the grilled tofu

Ive Cleared My Plate..ekeke XD
& ive cleared the whole set..LMAO

my review..not bad..@ actually, damn i love it..haha..i mean e korean dish..tht grilled tofu was kinda too spicy for me *as i dnt really eat spicy*

& thts it..e highlights of e much thanks to bro zack 4 inviting me 2 join him 4 e lepaking..till e next post..peace out ^_^

p/s; ive attached some links on this post jst in case for further reading abt those places / dining places weve went to..feel free to check them other intention, just for educational & informational purpose only~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My house

My cellphones haha (I have my latest cellphone which is SGH-Z170)

My wardrobe =] It's kind of messy.


Hey, It's me! (Cute)

Can you believe that this is me?

My room again (Lazy to clean)

The kitchen

Still kitchen (My room at the right side)

Kitchen =]

Cross Stitch (My mom made it for 1 year, wow)

My mom also made it, for almost 1 year

Living and entertainment

Entertainment and Living room

Going inside =]

yeah as you can see its clean haha ^_^

My very own 42 inch flat screen tv


A thorny flower

But have a very beautiful flower

Orchids again

Plants and a dog ^^

Orchid 2

Plants Everywhere, supposed to be I'm going to show first or start from here going up @_@
anyway, this is all for now...
See you later best ^_^
I love you my best friend

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My 2nd Trip 2 Kelantan

last weekend ive gone to Kelantan 4 a 2nd time..& this time i was joining bro zack & his friends (kak jaja & kak mas) to their another friend's wedding was all rush at first as theres a problem with e bus i took frm Seremban to Penang & i arrived so damn late which made everything so out of e plan..theres some other stories bt jst skip it to e trip..ekeke

we were struggling 2 find e house bt finally made it jst in time..hoho..i found e ceremony was kinda interesting especially e tepung tawar part..n jst after done with e ceremony, we drove to Juita Premier Hotel @ Kota Bharu 4 a short rest & gt prepared 4 e next chapter of e trip..

4 a rest
our stay 4 a night

abt this Juita Premier Hotel, it is very strategically located in e centre of e everything is like jst in a walking when it comes 2 e room, still ok..except e bathroom..huhu..totally nothing "premier" at all..& no further comment

tht night we had our dinner at this smewht like night market area which ive forgotten e name;p..& finally i gt 2 taste Sata *a smoked crashed fish meat wrapped in pandanus leaves* which i didnt gt a chance to during my 1st visit 2 Kelantan..we also had this blue rice aka nasi kerabu set which only cost MYR3..i remember during my 1st trip, we smewht cheated 2 pay higher thn e normal price for e moral of e story, do not make it too obvious tht u r sme outsiders when shopping there..haha;p

then weve gone to Wakaf Che Yeh for some batik hunting..haha..its a big night market which gettin more alive as e night gettin darker..& tht night was worth e walk..hehe;p..& we ended e night with a supper of Nasi Air at Moon Kopitiam & a short visit to Pantai Cahaya Bulan..

for e next day, we went to Pasar Siti Khadijah & MPKB market *i guess - not sure e name;p* for some more shopping, shopping & shopping *despite tht i havent gt my allowance yet*..kaaaching!!! & tht afternoon, we hve our lunch at Nasi Ulam Cikgu before starting our journey back to Penang..hoho

Pasar Siti Khadijah
@ Pasar Siti Khadijah

we also stopped by at Tanah Merah to visit their another friend *Kak Su* & hve sme more meals *not sure if its still can b considered as lunch..& its not even a tea*..btw e food was so delish tht i even forgotten i am still full..LMAO..then we also stopped awhile at Tasik Banding & buy some Ikan Pekasam - my bro said tht those fish r really tasty - he alrdy ate them while i dnt hve a chance T_T

we arrived at Penang around e night doesnt end there..jst as we managed to hve a shower & etc, we rushed to GSC Sunway Carnival for e movie Despicable Me 3D, 9.20pm screening..though i missed e trailers b4 e movie *as i was queing 4 popcorn*, e movie was great!!! honestly, u really must watch e 3D version im tellin u!!! & only after e movie we finally go for dinner..hohoho..

Despicable Me....Best!!!

so thts it..a very short trip bt a very enjoyable 1..huhu..wht an experience & a memory..thanks to bro zack, kak jaja & kak mas 4 e great trip..peace ^_^

p/s: unfortunately i didnt bring along my cam..& not even in e mood 4 these r e only some pics which i took with my phone..huhu

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Playing With Dough

jst another task 4 my visual art course..

Coloured Dough
done colouring


My Hand
my hand

at 1st
my cat dough


well 1 of my visual art subject 4 this sem seems like gt lots of practical task..& thts kinda good actually as lots of other subjects ive to take this sem are more on theory which r really bored..huhu

to check out more abt this playing with dough thing, check out my class blog here for a post abt e process & here for the final products by my classmates..peace ^_^

Foods..foods....& foodsssssss ^_~

jst a collection of some foods by me & my bro + sme which i had *& i cant gt over..LOL* during last semester break..jst enjoy XD

My Breakfast :)
My simple breakfast from Pasar Malam - those satay r MYR0.25 each & those kebab r MYR2.00 each :)

My 1st attempt of Macaroni & Cheese - with tomato sauce;p
My 1st ever attempt of Macaroni & Cheese - with tomatao sauce XD

Soto by Me & My Bro
Soto by Bro Zack & Me

Soto - served~
Served ^_^

My Spaghetti Bolognaise
My Spaghetti Bolognaise ;p

while these next three grilled/smoked dishes were prepared by us at home - on e gas stove..LMAO XD

Lamb Steak
Lamb Steak

Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings

Smoked Bawal
Smoked Bawal @ "Fish Salad" as Bro Zack called it..hahaha

while these two dishes r those which i smewht fall in love with..hehehe;p

Mi Rebus Ramli @ Ipoh
Mi Rebus Ipoh *i seriously am craving 4 it..LMAO;p*

Pulut Durian
as simple as Pulut Durian *well i always love durian btw..ekeke*

next 1 is a very simple breakfast which prepared on a rush..hehehe

express breakfast;p
smewht like hotdog with scramble egg:p

& last bt not least, my 2nd attempt of Macaroni & Cheese~

My 2nd attempt of Macaroni & Cheese with Crab Sticks;p

...with crab sticks XD

so hows that? feelin hungry now? cos i am..hohoho..& thts a wrap ^_^

-by cypol-
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