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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Of Paper Cats, Open Day, Gamelan & Convocation

just a quick update *actually no mood to*..last thursday was e last day of my 3rd semester, & there were some events during e day, which were our hostel very 1st ever Open Day & our college 32nd convocation..

so for e open day, i was 1st asked 2 design some bookmarks *with help frm my bro actually;p* 2 b produced as our souvenir for our e visitors to our block..unfortunately, due to some financial issues, e plan was changed into some origami instead..& it was my batch who has been given e responsibilities to prepare all those souvenirs..& i decided to work on some cats..LMAO


e open day was for 2 days; May 2nd - only opened for lecturers, & May 3rd - opened for parents on e morning & for students on e evening according 2 e timetable prepared by e hostel management actually my room was not really available for visits since my roommate was out to watch movie while i was hangin out at my friends room at e ground floor - while my room is at e 4th floor..haha..only during e last visit which happened to be frm block A *where e girls frm my class was stayin* i finally got back 2 my room to perform Asar..& yeah some of them gt 2 visit my room..huhu

bt dnt worry, 4 those who havent got e chance 2 visit my humble room, heres some sneak peak of my so called "beloved" room..LMAO..& no, actually we *me & my roommate* dont really do anythin @ makeover 4 e open wht u see is wht u get..haha

my fav spot
my fav spot ^_^

where my dreams comes
where all e dreams comes true..hehe:p

while e convocation was at e morning of tht 3rd in e gamelan team *e last member 2 join e group* & we have 2 b there throughout e ceremony which means before it started *we played for e arrival of parent, graduates & the e VVIPs* till e very end of e ceremony *when e VVIPs were marchin out, until all e graduates marched out*..& yeah its been a very tiring day - painful actually cos i was playin e gendang *this traditional drum instrument which needs to be played with bare hands..wuwuwu*

with e instruments - not mine though:p

bt whtsoever as weve done e task pretty nice despite of our lack of practice..haha..& thts all for now i e holiday jst started, we'll see if theres any interesting event 2 post abt..till then, c ya later..peace:)


wan T A N ho said...

wah.. The bangku!!!! ekeke..

cJay said...

ya la..taw la kmi hostel lama..buruk pn antik..wuwuwu

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