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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Introducing My Not So New Baby XD

so it's been more than a month now ive been usin this gadget..& i even succesfully kept it as a secret 4 almost a now, i finally reveal my brand new beloved baby *a month still new*, Nokia E72 ^_^

ma nu e72 ^_^

well actually its not in my plan to hve a new handphone, as i still love my 3250 *it was given by my mum as a present 4 my SPM..huhu*..but when its jst e time, then its jst have 2 b 3250 jst kinda broke kept turning off out of a sudden evn when e battery still fully charge, & when tht happened it cannot be turned on unless it gt yeah its really frustrating..

3250 in memories~
in happy time

bt no i still didnt think of gettin a new 1 at tht time..i was hopin tht it may jst temporary @ maybe i can get it fixed..till this 1 day, i was out in KL with my bro & he suggested me to survey some phone shops & i was like ok..then there was this 1 hp model which totally grabbed my attention though i honestly never thought of after a lot of thoughts, i refused 2 buy it bcause its jst too much & so out of my budget..

nevertheless, it didnt end tht way..when i got back to penang, we surveyed 4 e phone again while jusco was having their jusco card day & theres a special discount 4 handphones started on 9pm..we stayed & after some negotiations, ive decided to take thts how it happened..LMAO

test shot
lookin sleek huh..i mean e phone..haha:p

so, wht makes me finally decided to take this phone? well, when i 1st think of gettin a new hp, ive made it clear tht it must have a nice camera, wifi, & GPS..& yeah this phone got it all..

test shot 3
test shot - non edited

its 5mp camera is pretty nice..i like e auto focus function though sometimes it seems kinda sensitive..but still good though..while its GPS, this phone equiped with this OVI maps & i also gt e shop installed Garmin into my baby..hehe:p

test shot 2
another test shot - non edited

other features? honestly after usin this gadget for more than a month i would really have to admit tht it is really too much for me..haha..i mean for students & even 4 teenagers, this gadget is way too much 4 ur needs..clearly it is designed specially for businessmen - ull hve a great mobile planner, much of office tools including scanner & yeah it is a very useful gadget in case of self-management..but 4 teenagers, do not expect a game friendly & great sound system *e speaker* as u may not get tht frm this device *its not tht bad though, bt not as good as other series like express music*..however, if ur a chatter, this totally a perfect gadget 4 u *as it supports instant messaging*, im tellin u..

2 read more abt its features & specifications, jst click here..haha..& no i never doubt nor regret of my decision 2 take this gadget, i am really satisfied with my maybe 4 u guys, take this as an advice, do not pick ur gadget based on wht seems popular 4 u, bt based on ur needs..thts all..ciao^_^

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