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Monday, May 31, 2010

You Can't Always Get What You Want

its been a terrible day & might just turn into a terrible week 4 me..a week which supposed to be a pretty nice week if it goes as planned jst turns into a nightmare..& today i just had like all the best worst way to start the day & most of all, the week..huhu..

well f.y.i i jst done with the final exam last thursday..& hell yeah its totally a big relief as its been a very long exhausting semester for me, yet so far..with my driving lessons which been postponed 4 so long, & smewhat like a mission to finally get enough sleep, this final week before the semester break seems like e best time to get those things done..

unfortunately, this early morning, a very unpleasent sound jst mark a very terrible way to start the announcement about a compulsory morning assembly on 7.30am..& to spice things up, e assembly will be held througout the week - which means EVERYDAY at 7.30am! & if thts not worst enough, there will also b a roundcall on 11pm EVERYNIGHT at the hostel..what the heck? oh my..T_T..& yeah not to forget, this week will b packed with some events like open day & convocation..duh~..& last bt not least, my plan for some driving class this week also gt yeah, its really sucks!

but then, this evening, this song just suddenly popped out in my mind..funny huh..i cant even remember which episode of glee was this song yeah it does means a lot to me right reminds me tht things doesnt always comes as planned..

i may have planned a lot 4 the week to make it at least better than it seems, but the fact tht i can only plan was then made clear when early this morning all those plan jst automatically cancelled, even without my other words, this song suits perfectly with my thanks to glee 4 performing this song in e jst wanna share with u guys out listen 2 this song..because you can't always get what you want..erk..haha..whtever..peace out XD
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