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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where was I? Wht Ive Been Doin? Wuwuwu~

sorry guys..i knw i havent updated this blog 4 so long..jst dunno y, really not into it..kinda keep gettin busy n busy n smewht like losin direction..huhuhu..jst till today i felt like writing smethin..hmmm

well i honstly evn frgot where should i strt with..myb with my SBE..& tht was like months ago..LOL..wht abt SBE? i was doin my SBE at penang again, this time at S.K Permatang To' was pretty good actually..maybe e best SBE ive done so far i guess (gt 1 more SBE to do by nxt sem..T_T )

last day at school
last day at skewl

then i had this was organized by this *unofficial* club *jst yet* by my class & our former visual art lecturer..& I jst competed as 1 of e contestant..i gt through 2 e final but only manage 2 gt 4th place *clearly ive screwed up big time 4 my 1st song - the Malay song which i barely used to sing* im happy enough tht e program went smooth & well recieved ^_^

with the winner
with e winner..n this was after e semi

next..the crazy busy part started..assignments time!!! lots & lots of assignments jst handed..& for my major subject, visual art, we gt sme projects 2 b done..which totally driven me crazy..wuwuwu..we need 2 do a painting *me - acrylic*, wood carving, & pattern design 2 apply on sme 3D products..

workin on wood
gettin woody

then, in e middle of due dates 4 all those craziness, my class jst havin this trip 2 pantai timur (Kelantan & Terengganu) was in e syllabus so like it or not, we jst have to gt our ass on the bus & go for e trip..& seriously, most of e time, our asses was really like stucked, glued 2 e seats..wht e %#&@..T_T..*dnt evn wanna talk abt it*..

havin a happy vacation eh?

taj mahal
gone to Taj Mahal XD

flyin without wings
flyin without wings?

spicin things up;p
spicin up?

n jst after the 4 days trip, we need 2 gt back 2 e reality & set back our mind & body 4 all those postponed assignments & projects..wuwuwu

all those craziness will only end after the final assesment..& 4 e visual art projects, we gt a small exhibition set up only 4 e assesment..& it happen 2 b tht my class also manage a potluck after e assesment *which i totally hve no idea at all till they called me 2 came 4 e big dine..LMAO*

my final products

btw, i am also attending driving class 2 gt my driving license *finally* 4 both motorcycle & i can remember, since before e Talentime then jst gt 2 postponed them 2 focus on all these things..& now i jst started it all again & hopin tht i can finish it all bfore nxt semester *though e fact im havin my final exam startin next wednesday* jst wish me luck ok * i mean 4 both final exam & e driving thing..wuwuwu*

sunburn T_T
this was during e Talentime semi-final - jst b4 e event started..& i was sunburnt after ridin a bike tht evening..T_T

bt its not all mess around lately..theres also a shine..ehe;p..i may jst been opening a new chapter in my jst dnt wanna rush up 2 e declaration it may sound pathetic bt i rly have to admit tht i smewht like forgotn how 2 work this out as its been so damn long since i last closed tht kind of chapter..uhuhue..i guess no need 4 more explanation abt this new chapter *as i guess u guys know wht chapter am i talkin abt right..haha;p* now im jst tryin 2 work it out as i hope it will really work out this time with her..lalala~..*as they always said, 4 any further question; no closed - 4 now..LOL*

well, im not e only 1 whos abt 2 begin a new chapter, cos my bro surely does too..& im so happy abt it..jst tht he still doesnt really wanna share abt it with me..yet * i guess* long as he happy..*cant wait 2 b e groomsman;p*

glee madonna
wheres brittany?

wht more? well, i now officially declared myself as a gleek!!! LOL..i jst had a crush on e it abt 2 end its 1st season, e story & characters r jst gettin more colourful..ehe..well i really mean it as i find it really exhausting 2 keep watchin on tht Rachel girl *despite tht Lea Michele jst gt her name on e TIME's 2010 100 Most Influential Peoples list* & all e drama she caused..sory guys, bt im on Brittany's team..*sorry santana - no brittana, jst brittany;p* wakaka..& it seems like e minor jst started 2 get their solo..kewl huh..*enough with rachel & finn eh*..btw i kinda also started likin Quinn..well her Papa Dont Preach & I Say A Little Prayer cover r undeniably memorable *personally 4 me*..& Puck? this unpredictable dude totally always able 2 spice up things..haha

glee gone wild
glee gone wild?

wow..cant believe i jst written this long..oh my..i really should start settin up my study mood ~_~..*does any1 gt any tips on this?*..i guess thts all 4 now..& last bt not least, 2 my best jay, i am really sorry tht ive been such a jerk lately tht i havent been around like e old days..jst tht i hope u undrstand my situation..& cn i have a request? i hope u cn pls help me 2 keep this blog runs like it used 2 be..really lookin fwd 4 ur post, updates & etc..till then..peace out ^_^

p/s: again..dnt forget 2 wish me all luck 4 final exam & driving test XD..thanks


AkU said...

entry yg panjang..bahana lama xupdate..hehhe..

btw..BSB stand for??

cJay said...

ola dude..
bahana? u mean?

BSB? backstreetboys? LOL
@ u mean SBE? School Based Experience ^_^..*i honestly dont like it much..T_T*

韋于倫成 said...

Nice job!.................................................................

韋于倫成 said...

Lets cross the bridge when we come to it..................................................

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