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Monday, May 31, 2010

You Can't Always Get What You Want

its been a terrible day & might just turn into a terrible week 4 me..a week which supposed to be a pretty nice week if it goes as planned jst turns into a nightmare..& today i just had like all the best worst way to start the day & most of all, the week..huhu..

well f.y.i i jst done with the final exam last thursday..& hell yeah its totally a big relief as its been a very long exhausting semester for me, yet so far..with my driving lessons which been postponed 4 so long, & smewhat like a mission to finally get enough sleep, this final week before the semester break seems like e best time to get those things done..

unfortunately, this early morning, a very unpleasent sound jst mark a very terrible way to start the announcement about a compulsory morning assembly on 7.30am..& to spice things up, e assembly will be held througout the week - which means EVERYDAY at 7.30am! & if thts not worst enough, there will also b a roundcall on 11pm EVERYNIGHT at the hostel..what the heck? oh my..T_T..& yeah not to forget, this week will b packed with some events like open day & convocation..duh~..& last bt not least, my plan for some driving class this week also gt yeah, its really sucks!

but then, this evening, this song just suddenly popped out in my mind..funny huh..i cant even remember which episode of glee was this song yeah it does means a lot to me right reminds me tht things doesnt always comes as planned..

i may have planned a lot 4 the week to make it at least better than it seems, but the fact tht i can only plan was then made clear when early this morning all those plan jst automatically cancelled, even without my other words, this song suits perfectly with my thanks to glee 4 performing this song in e jst wanna share with u guys out listen 2 this song..because you can't always get what you want..erk..haha..whtever..peace out XD

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where was I? Wht Ive Been Doin? Wuwuwu~

sorry guys..i knw i havent updated this blog 4 so long..jst dunno y, really not into it..kinda keep gettin busy n busy n smewht like losin direction..huhuhu..jst till today i felt like writing smethin..hmmm

well i honstly evn frgot where should i strt with..myb with my SBE..& tht was like months ago..LOL..wht abt SBE? i was doin my SBE at penang again, this time at S.K Permatang To' was pretty good actually..maybe e best SBE ive done so far i guess (gt 1 more SBE to do by nxt sem..T_T )

last day at school
last day at skewl

then i had this was organized by this *unofficial* club *jst yet* by my class & our former visual art lecturer..& I jst competed as 1 of e contestant..i gt through 2 e final but only manage 2 gt 4th place *clearly ive screwed up big time 4 my 1st song - the Malay song which i barely used to sing* im happy enough tht e program went smooth & well recieved ^_^

with the winner
with e winner..n this was after e semi

next..the crazy busy part started..assignments time!!! lots & lots of assignments jst handed..& for my major subject, visual art, we gt sme projects 2 b done..which totally driven me crazy..wuwuwu..we need 2 do a painting *me - acrylic*, wood carving, & pattern design 2 apply on sme 3D products..

workin on wood
gettin woody

then, in e middle of due dates 4 all those craziness, my class jst havin this trip 2 pantai timur (Kelantan & Terengganu) was in e syllabus so like it or not, we jst have to gt our ass on the bus & go for e trip..& seriously, most of e time, our asses was really like stucked, glued 2 e seats..wht e %#&@..T_T..*dnt evn wanna talk abt it*..

havin a happy vacation eh?

taj mahal
gone to Taj Mahal XD

flyin without wings
flyin without wings?

spicin things up;p
spicin up?

n jst after the 4 days trip, we need 2 gt back 2 e reality & set back our mind & body 4 all those postponed assignments & projects..wuwuwu

all those craziness will only end after the final assesment..& 4 e visual art projects, we gt a small exhibition set up only 4 e assesment..& it happen 2 b tht my class also manage a potluck after e assesment *which i totally hve no idea at all till they called me 2 came 4 e big dine..LMAO*

my final products

btw, i am also attending driving class 2 gt my driving license *finally* 4 both motorcycle & i can remember, since before e Talentime then jst gt 2 postponed them 2 focus on all these things..& now i jst started it all again & hopin tht i can finish it all bfore nxt semester *though e fact im havin my final exam startin next wednesday* jst wish me luck ok * i mean 4 both final exam & e driving thing..wuwuwu*

sunburn T_T
this was during e Talentime semi-final - jst b4 e event started..& i was sunburnt after ridin a bike tht evening..T_T

bt its not all mess around lately..theres also a shine..ehe;p..i may jst been opening a new chapter in my jst dnt wanna rush up 2 e declaration it may sound pathetic bt i rly have to admit tht i smewht like forgotn how 2 work this out as its been so damn long since i last closed tht kind of chapter..uhuhue..i guess no need 4 more explanation abt this new chapter *as i guess u guys know wht chapter am i talkin abt right..haha;p* now im jst tryin 2 work it out as i hope it will really work out this time with her..lalala~..*as they always said, 4 any further question; no closed - 4 now..LOL*

well, im not e only 1 whos abt 2 begin a new chapter, cos my bro surely does too..& im so happy abt it..jst tht he still doesnt really wanna share abt it with me..yet * i guess* long as he happy..*cant wait 2 b e groomsman;p*

glee madonna
wheres brittany?

wht more? well, i now officially declared myself as a gleek!!! LOL..i jst had a crush on e it abt 2 end its 1st season, e story & characters r jst gettin more colourful..ehe..well i really mean it as i find it really exhausting 2 keep watchin on tht Rachel girl *despite tht Lea Michele jst gt her name on e TIME's 2010 100 Most Influential Peoples list* & all e drama she caused..sory guys, bt im on Brittany's team..*sorry santana - no brittana, jst brittany;p* wakaka..& it seems like e minor jst started 2 get their solo..kewl huh..*enough with rachel & finn eh*..btw i kinda also started likin Quinn..well her Papa Dont Preach & I Say A Little Prayer cover r undeniably memorable *personally 4 me*..& Puck? this unpredictable dude totally always able 2 spice up things..haha

glee gone wild
glee gone wild?

wow..cant believe i jst written this long..oh my..i really should start settin up my study mood ~_~..*does any1 gt any tips on this?*..i guess thts all 4 now..& last bt not least, 2 my best jay, i am really sorry tht ive been such a jerk lately tht i havent been around like e old days..jst tht i hope u undrstand my situation..& cn i have a request? i hope u cn pls help me 2 keep this blog runs like it used 2 be..really lookin fwd 4 ur post, updates & etc..till then..peace out ^_^

p/s: again..dnt forget 2 wish me all luck 4 final exam & driving test XD..thanks
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