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Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Week Of %*$#@&

its jst 5 more days before Chinese New Year Holiday..but those 5 more days r totally somethin which i cannot be celebrating at all..we are all packed!! tons of work to do..especially artworks & not to forget, gosh!!! i am totally not in love with this semester~..not to forget, i am curently also takin my drivin license(jst done wiht the lecture today..huhu)..

my herb-based prescriptions

well, as i posted before, abt a week ago, ive gone to this reflexology massage for my terrible headache..they also give me some herb-based prescription (its good i guess since i cannot take anymore drugs prescription)..i did kinda refreshed after the massage, but i guess the result was jst head is not gettin any better but even worse over the past few days..

so now im jst listening to Ke$ha's new album - Animal & Timbaland's Shock Value 2..dunno y, bt all this while im jst keep listening to these two albums all the time whenever im facin my laptop, doin my task, & even while lying on my bed (sometimes till i fell asleep;p)


y? seriously i will consider myself as Ke$ha's new big fan..Animal is totally one of the best album ive ever had..theres a lot of songs in the album (+ bonus tracks), & all of them are enjoyable to listen to..its a very fun album with a very catchy tunes..the fact tht she's been compared as the new lady gaga (my another fav artist), i would say, they are different by tunes, but kinda similar with ke$ha is totally the cheekiest one;p

my track list gonna be; TiK ToK, Hungover, Dancing With Tears In My Eyes, Your Love Is My Drug, Take It Off, Dirty Picture & Mr. Watson (bonus track) seriously jst go check out the album..


while timbo's, for sure its the album ive been waiting for so long..ive made a review on his first single before (Morning After Dark)..& after listening to the full album, i would say, theres a whole bunch of sick tunes with various of genres but rearranged with his own style..not much to say, but my favs are; If We Ever Meet Again (ft. Katy Perry), Marching On (Onerepublic - Timbo Version), Undertow (ft. The Fray & Esthero), Lose Control (ft. JoJo), Timothy Where You Been (ft. Jet) & Long Way Down (ft. Daughtry)..of cos not to forget Mroning After Dark..LOL

ok thts all 4 now..gotta gt back to my task..wuwuwu..till the next psot..daaa~

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