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Monday, February 1, 2010

Massaging Bukit Hijau Legion!!!

last weekend i got back 2 penang 2 borrow my bro's black shoes (for my uniform since i dnt have a pair proper black

luckily our class end on 12.15pm tht friday, so ive decided to take bus from kl as i suppose there should be more bus there..unfortunately tht was totally a wrong decision..i forgot tht KL are having a day off today (february 2nd) theres a lot of people are goin back to their hometown tht i managed to get a bus asap (eventhough the ticket was a bit expensive)..

so i arrived late tht night around 1am (not as planned to be around 10pm) so no movie tht night, jst satay like usual & then go back to sleep..zzzzzzzzZZ...

so whts on the next day? my bro said; choose!!! between beach @ waterfall..hohoho..well i love to play with water ok *despite my inability of swimming..LOL* i picked waterfall..cuz..its kinda hot these days so id rather go for waterfall than sunbathing at the beach..huhuhu


the destination was Bukit it was kinda fun..but a bit dissapointment cos we doesnt actually get to play at the big waterfall since it was already conquered by a group of whtsoever as long as we still get to dip into the water..better than nothing right..

but it turned out to be more like a photoshoot session cos most of the time we were just taking pics..LOL..& the water was freezing cold!!! huhuhu

some of the pics..lalala~

while the rest, ill upload them in my facebook later, but i cant promise when..haha..later when im free..huhu..

final shot before leaving

around 4pm we managed to get our ass destination? surprise!!! well my bro actually planned to take me to this 1 traditional masseur cuz he's really worried abt my terrible headache (seriously it gettin worse around 2 weeks ago)..

but tht traditional massage requires us to get the treatment (the massage itself) for 3 consecutive nights + some "dont's" for 7 days (fuh!!!)..since im jst there for the weekend, he changed the plan to a reflexology massage instead..

honestly, ive never had a massage before, i mean for real, literally!!! tht was my 1st time..i am pretty nervous..all the time i was thinkin abt, hows it gonna be? does it hurt? does it really works? but the most important is, who's gonna be massaging me? wargh!!! *damn i was freaked out*

bt then when i get into the room, all the worries jst faded..huhu..the massage was good!!! i mean, yeah it does kinda hurt sometimes but i can really feel the difference..even while the massaging, i can feel it when he just relocate some nerve..he is good..i mean the masseur of course..hoho

they also gave me a herb prescription which he declares good for my migraine & my stomach..i wish it is..huhuhu~

so, since tht friday night we didnt get to go for the midnite movie, & my bro insisted to watch Legion, tht saturday night, we go to TGV seberang perai for tht movie midnite screening..

well, wht can i say abt the movie? it was okay..& just that..seriously..kinda tricked by the trailer actually (personally for me)..nothin much so great as most of the best part in the movie is all u can see in the trailer..whts left is just the full story..which also kinda the story end too soon i much question left unanswered..

but the best part is, bro zack whos really excited abt watching tht movie even fell asleep several times!!! LMAO!!!

so thts it!!! my short weekend at Penang..i mean, it was damn short!!! as i need to get on the bus on sunday at 11.45am..& the bus also got breakdown around Tapah so they transfer us to another bus which only stopped at KL..which mean i need to get myself to Seremban by my own, while i am tired & hungry..& i need to reach at the gate before tht really sucks!!!

thankfully i got the here i am..hehe ^_^..with some more task to be done..huhu..till the next post, adios..peace

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