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Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Did I Do Yesterday At The National Craft Day?

PLAY TIME!!! (^_^)v


meet my baby coroc;p


modelling a tudung saji? LOL

WORK TIME!!! \(>_<)/


doin cane work


get handy with Wau (traditional kite)


Wanna Take a Ride?


feels like jackass..LMAO;p


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Big CNY Dinner!!!


indulging with the CNY set at Manhattan Fish Market..damn delish!!!


At The Lake Garden


guess where r we? ^_^

answer: Taiping Lake Garden

White Eyes, Red Cheek


me doin a traditional treatment 4 sinusitis..hopin tht my terible pimples problem gonna get better after this..wuwuwu


Monday, February 8, 2010


Sometimes in life you find
a special friend
Someone who changes your life
just by being a part of it

Someone who makes you laugh
until you can't stop
Someone who makes you believe
that there really is good in the world.

Someone who convinces you that
there really is an unlocked door
just waiting for you to open it

When you're down and the world
seems dark and empty
Your forever friend lifts you up
in spirit and makes that dark and empty
world suddenly seem bright and full

Your forever friend gets you through
the hard times, the sad times and
confusing times.

If you turn and walk away
your forever friend follows
If you lose your way your
forever friend guides you
and cheers you on.

Your forever friend holds your hand
and tells you that everything is going
to be okay

And if you find such a friend
you feel happy and complete because
you need not worry
and forever has no end

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Week Of %*$#@&

its jst 5 more days before Chinese New Year Holiday..but those 5 more days r totally somethin which i cannot be celebrating at all..we are all packed!! tons of work to do..especially artworks & not to forget, gosh!!! i am totally not in love with this semester~..not to forget, i am curently also takin my drivin license(jst done wiht the lecture today..huhu)..

my herb-based prescriptions

well, as i posted before, abt a week ago, ive gone to this reflexology massage for my terrible headache..they also give me some herb-based prescription (its good i guess since i cannot take anymore drugs prescription)..i did kinda refreshed after the massage, but i guess the result was jst head is not gettin any better but even worse over the past few days..

so now im jst listening to Ke$ha's new album - Animal & Timbaland's Shock Value 2..dunno y, bt all this while im jst keep listening to these two albums all the time whenever im facin my laptop, doin my task, & even while lying on my bed (sometimes till i fell asleep;p)


y? seriously i will consider myself as Ke$ha's new big fan..Animal is totally one of the best album ive ever had..theres a lot of songs in the album (+ bonus tracks), & all of them are enjoyable to listen to..its a very fun album with a very catchy tunes..the fact tht she's been compared as the new lady gaga (my another fav artist), i would say, they are different by tunes, but kinda similar with ke$ha is totally the cheekiest one;p

my track list gonna be; TiK ToK, Hungover, Dancing With Tears In My Eyes, Your Love Is My Drug, Take It Off, Dirty Picture & Mr. Watson (bonus track) seriously jst go check out the album..


while timbo's, for sure its the album ive been waiting for so long..ive made a review on his first single before (Morning After Dark)..& after listening to the full album, i would say, theres a whole bunch of sick tunes with various of genres but rearranged with his own style..not much to say, but my favs are; If We Ever Meet Again (ft. Katy Perry), Marching On (Onerepublic - Timbo Version), Undertow (ft. The Fray & Esthero), Lose Control (ft. JoJo), Timothy Where You Been (ft. Jet) & Long Way Down (ft. Daughtry)..of cos not to forget Mroning After Dark..LOL

ok thts all 4 now..gotta gt back to my task..wuwuwu..till the next psot..daaa~


Do you like the song?

New Wristwatch - Another Sign of Maturity?

1st my wirstwatch..hmmm~

My Beloved Watch
a gift from my mom 4 my pretty nice result in PMR (2004)
* been wearing it since im 16 & hardly taken off (somewht like glued to my wirst 24/7 - almost)
* the fact its solar powered made some called it Power Rangers watch..huhu..whteva~
* something went wrong (which im not really sure caused by what @ wht actually happened..hoho) abt 2 weeks ago while we're doin some artwork which required us to play with turpentine..a spot appeared inside the watch on the display which appeared somewhat like burnt..

due to the case..a new face gonna be recruited to take over the place..which is...

My Not So New Watch
my last year bday gift
* been kept in the box all this while
* it was due to "im too young to wear this kind of style" (LOL) & its analogue (which im not really a big fan of)
* & im also kinda allergic to the material (red rash will appear on my wrisst..huhu)
* due to all tht, it will only gonna be my go-to-class watch..which means, my beloved watch will still be serving me most of the time..^_^

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Im a Perfume Guy?

first of all..LOL!!! hahaha..ok 2 b honest i dnt really wear any perfume since i ever remember..huhu..its jst not me..sometimes when i was in highschool, there was somekind of feeling to try those kind of since i think, naaa, jst a waste of i jst wore deodorant spray instead..haha

bt am i gonna b like this till the end of my life? i mean till ive become a mature man? thts the turning 21 this september, which means ill b holding my own is it the time to change? maybe get more mature? *am i not mature enough? lol*..& is it wearing a perfume gonna make u look @ appear more mature? *answer me!!!!*


so my bro said, y not start now? then he gave me this collectors pack (which he bought way back when he was at Australia - since its way cheaper there than here) as a starter pack..which till now i havent touch (use) yet..huhuhu..untill today, ive been thinking, y dont jst give it a shot? its not gonna harm @ kill me rite? hahaha..

its friday, so its good for muslims to wear perfume tell me, which 1 should i try on? hohoho~

Monday, February 1, 2010

Massaging Bukit Hijau Legion!!!

last weekend i got back 2 penang 2 borrow my bro's black shoes (for my uniform since i dnt have a pair proper black

luckily our class end on 12.15pm tht friday, so ive decided to take bus from kl as i suppose there should be more bus there..unfortunately tht was totally a wrong decision..i forgot tht KL are having a day off today (february 2nd) theres a lot of people are goin back to their hometown tht i managed to get a bus asap (eventhough the ticket was a bit expensive)..

so i arrived late tht night around 1am (not as planned to be around 10pm) so no movie tht night, jst satay like usual & then go back to sleep..zzzzzzzzZZ...

so whts on the next day? my bro said; choose!!! between beach @ waterfall..hohoho..well i love to play with water ok *despite my inability of swimming..LOL* i picked waterfall..cuz..its kinda hot these days so id rather go for waterfall than sunbathing at the beach..huhuhu


the destination was Bukit it was kinda fun..but a bit dissapointment cos we doesnt actually get to play at the big waterfall since it was already conquered by a group of whtsoever as long as we still get to dip into the water..better than nothing right..

but it turned out to be more like a photoshoot session cos most of the time we were just taking pics..LOL..& the water was freezing cold!!! huhuhu

some of the pics..lalala~

while the rest, ill upload them in my facebook later, but i cant promise when..haha..later when im free..huhu..

final shot before leaving

around 4pm we managed to get our ass destination? surprise!!! well my bro actually planned to take me to this 1 traditional masseur cuz he's really worried abt my terrible headache (seriously it gettin worse around 2 weeks ago)..

but tht traditional massage requires us to get the treatment (the massage itself) for 3 consecutive nights + some "dont's" for 7 days (fuh!!!)..since im jst there for the weekend, he changed the plan to a reflexology massage instead..

honestly, ive never had a massage before, i mean for real, literally!!! tht was my 1st time..i am pretty nervous..all the time i was thinkin abt, hows it gonna be? does it hurt? does it really works? but the most important is, who's gonna be massaging me? wargh!!! *damn i was freaked out*

bt then when i get into the room, all the worries jst faded..huhu..the massage was good!!! i mean, yeah it does kinda hurt sometimes but i can really feel the difference..even while the massaging, i can feel it when he just relocate some nerve..he is good..i mean the masseur of course..hoho

they also gave me a herb prescription which he declares good for my migraine & my stomach..i wish it is..huhuhu~

so, since tht friday night we didnt get to go for the midnite movie, & my bro insisted to watch Legion, tht saturday night, we go to TGV seberang perai for tht movie midnite screening..

well, wht can i say abt the movie? it was okay..& just that..seriously..kinda tricked by the trailer actually (personally for me)..nothin much so great as most of the best part in the movie is all u can see in the trailer..whts left is just the full story..which also kinda the story end too soon i much question left unanswered..

but the best part is, bro zack whos really excited abt watching tht movie even fell asleep several times!!! LMAO!!!

so thts it!!! my short weekend at Penang..i mean, it was damn short!!! as i need to get on the bus on sunday at 11.45am..& the bus also got breakdown around Tapah so they transfer us to another bus which only stopped at KL..which mean i need to get myself to Seremban by my own, while i am tired & hungry..& i need to reach at the gate before tht really sucks!!!

thankfully i got the here i am..hehe ^_^..with some more task to be done..huhu..till the next post, adios..peace
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