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Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year, New Semester, New Room

it took a week before i finally made a post abt my arrival here in my its been a kinda busy week + a terible week im not really into writing abt it..huhu

so this time i jst wanna promote my new we all gt exchanged room for this new year, new semester (& the hostel dept also said tht its gonna be like this startin from this semester..f**k off!!) was teribly shocking tht it jst happened without any announcement & was almost chaotic around the hostel in every block when everyone jst need to move their stuff to their new room which also randomly picked by the hostel dept..luckily we didnt have to move to another block like the girls..pity them..

a peak of my new room - my desk

well i got a room at the 4th floor, which ive never been living before (my previous room was at the 2nd floor) was a really tiring weekend tht i have to start taking all my stuff frm 2nd floor to 4th floor jst after my arrival..damn it!!!bt after all, i found my new room was pretty nice actually (despite it was at the 4th floor)..+ at least theres some view from the its ok

the view

bt still i really hope tht we're not really gonna exchange room for every semester..thts really sucks u know, cos its totally a torture physically & mentally (come on, who really want to exchange room for every 5 month + its not the next door room but another floor!!!my gosh!!! least, pls have a human heart..huhu..well thts all i guess..peace out

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