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Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year, New Lifestyle?

LOL!!! i dunno y am i writing whtever..its my blog rite (at least a shared blog with my best..ngee;p)..well for those who knows me well, they must've known tht im kinda lazy..hahahaha..i dnt really do much exercise..jst sittin here on my desk facin my laptop, online, playin games, watchin utube & maybe its time to start a brand new lifestyle (i wish);p

my "missing" PLKN sport shoes;p

so ive gained some weight & some inch during the semester break..which is not a good thing 4 ive decided to start working out a lil bit be exact, start joging again!!!=)

the story is, when i got back here, ive found tht my beloved sport shoes (national service sport jst missing!!! @ actually, thts wht i, with a new lifestyle in my mind, ive decided 2 go grab a new one eventhough the fact my life is depending on my last semester leftover allowance..huhu..idk how many times i have to think whether i should buy a new 1 or not..but in the end, i did!!! yay;p

my nu shoes^_^

so, the funny part is, the next day, i jst found the missing sport shoes!!! & i actually left it at the next room to my previous room..OMG!!! well its not a surprise, bcos if u think logically, who really wanna steal tht NATIONAL SERVICE SPORT SHOES?LMAO!!!hehe..but hey its a really good shoes im tellin u ok!!!its damn tough..ive worn them since my national service day (back in january 2007) till last year..isnt tht impressive? thts all i guess..hehe..ciao~

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