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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Horrifying Weekend!!!

wuuuhuuuu~ last weekend was totally a horror weekend for me & my bro..i mean not it jst bcame a horror movies weekend..hahaha

last friday, i got back 2 penang to my bro's place..i took the bus frm KL & arrived there around 10pm..we make a stop for some grab 1st (sate, my fav), & then jst by a last minute desicion (i thought we're goin for movies by the next day, tht saturday), we managed to get to TGV seberang perai to check out this 1 horror movie which ive been waitin so long to watch: Ju On! unfortunately, were too late & no more screening of tht movie during tht time, but instead we've decided 2 go watch Paranormal Activity..better than nothing;p

to tell u guys, my bro doesnt really watch horror movies especially those abt ghost *he said its gonna gave him a nightmare..hoho* whtever, cos i love them..LMAO ^_^ he jst have to..hehe..& tht night (we took the 11.25pm screening), there were only us (sittin on the last row) & a couple sittin jst in front of our seat..& damn this movie is really good!!! im tellin u..despite the fact its jst a cheap indie film..

the storyline feels so real, even the way they use the camera make it seems like a real case, seriously u might gonna believe tht its a true story..but actually its not..& this movie even got 3 different endings!!! 1 is the original cut for film festivals, 1 for dvd & blu ray version, & 1 for the theatrical hey, i honestly really wanna watch the other two endings if theres any chance..haha..+ some removed scenes..anybody got them? LOL;p

so its jst the beginning of the horror weekend..the next day (saturday), we decided to go for Ju On (still not givin up;p) & Case 39 (my gosh, cant believe it already started screening..huhu)..since theres no screening around seberang perai, so we managed to go watch them at Gurney Plaza (jst for those 2 movies..hahaha) first off; Ju On, White Ghost & Black Ghost!!!

ok..wht can i say abt this movie is, for Ju On franchaise fans, u might get a bit bored, cos its jst another Ju On movie..huhu..there r some parts jst so predictable & theres too much of Ju On materials & influence which make it so common (for Ju On fans for sure)..even the wht more to expect cos it is a Ju On the 2nd story; black ghost was kinda touching actually..seriously..unfortunately, after this movie, my vote still goes to Paranormal Activity for the belivable suspense & thrilling moments..

so we take a break for dinner before the last movie for the weekend; Case 39..OMG!!! honestly, ive been waiting for this movie since last year when i saw the trailer while watchin i jst dunno when it gonna b comin out..& luckily, it is already!!! yay!!!=)

& my review; amazing!!!! it was a really good movie..i was shocked all the way while bro zack jst keep laughing at hey thts the point of watchin horror feel the situation!!! & thts y i love them so mean a real horrifying movies!!! bro zack said it got this the movie "The Orphan"esque but a ghostly 1..wanna know y? go watch 4 urself cos u'll never regret it..hoho..

so after watchin these 3 movies, my fav gonna be *drumroll*..okay2, wait, commercial break first..agaga..last year, my fav horror movie definitely Drag Me To Hell, & for this year, so far, its gonna be, none other than, Case 39!!! yippie!!! hehe..but hey, i mean so far i am really hopin theres gonna be more great horror movies after this..haha..till then, chill out guys..peace=)


zack yahaya said...

a good one!

AkU said...

OMG!!seriously bro..Paranormal Activities really gave me a ghost bump..DANG~~

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