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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My 2009 Movie Picks

its been awhile i havent blurbin around now im back!!! & this time for some closing of

1st of all, i was not really a movie mania..i used to be the dvd @ wait till it came out in TV this year i guess i did watch a lot of movies in here jst some movies which i picked most memorable & worth to watch..

there are so many great hollywood movies this year..& there r also some which jst overated like 2012 (personally i think it was too stereotype & cliche - as it goes with the 'hero never dies' storyline + unacceptable surviving plot)..but 1 movie which i will remember most would be THE FOURTH KIND..its a story based on a real case..abt alien wht so special abt this movie is tht they include real evidence which are real recorded videos from the incident..i was glued to my seat when watchin this movie, even till the it is really worth to watch im tellin ya..

then we go to the foreign movies..i honestly not really a big fan of foreign this 1 jst really touched me..DEPARTURES is a story abt a young man who gt jobless after his orchestra was dismissed, & had to find a job asap to support his family..then a misspelled ad which state the word departures led him to a new chapter of his life which was so amazing..this movie won an oscar for the best foreign language movie this year..

finally we go to the local movies (malaysia)..yea i know my friends would be like "do u watch malay movies?"..LOL..hell yeah i do bt still depends i only watched 2 malay movies this year, papadom & pisau cukur..& my vote goes to PISAU CUKUR..LMAO..this malay chick flick is totally a must watch..its not a stereotype malay comedy (which i found so damn bored) & u will laugh all the way from the beginning till the end of the movie..pisau cukur(golddigger) is a story of two girlfriends who got on a ship for a luxury vacation with 1 soul mission; to search for a possible millionaire a murder case change almost everything..oh my prada, i jst love fazura - her acting was amazing *looks damn natural* LOL..

so there u go..these r jst based on my personal opinions with no other jst enjoy u guys..peace out ^_^

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