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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Double Wed

december 4th & 5th marks a family history when my sister, the 1st child of the family finally tie the knot with her choosen one, while my brother (the 2nd child) with his wife whom he married at penang last october had their wedding reception (alongside with the newlywed) at our house..the 2 days 1 night ceremony consist of 4 parts; nikah, khatam quran, malam berinai (night reception), & bersanding (the highlight of the wedding)

the nikah:
its the day when the groom do the "akad nikah" (somewht like the wedding vow) with my dad as the "tok kadi" (the 1 who's leading the "akad")..after the nikah, the bride & the groom are officially a husband & wife;)

during the akad

khatam quran:
it was after the akad nikah (after all the refreshment thing)..the newlyweds of the family (my sister & my bro) reciting some surah from al-Quran together with an Imam to lead them (in their case, it was 1 of uncle)..

both the newlyweds doin the khatam quran

malam berinai:
it is the night reception where the newlyweds will be doing the ceremony in their own place (but in their case, my bro and his wife doing it together - due 2 location thing)..they will be sitting on the "pelamin" (a specially made stage for the reception) while there will be seven couples will do the "menepung tawar" thing; where the seven couples will put some stuff on the newlyweds forehead, hands & feet like henna, wet granuled rice, perfume & etc as a symbolic of blessing..after the reception, the newly weds will get back to their own room where some older will put "bedak sejuk" (wet granuled rice powder) allover their body & henna on their hands & feet (& they will have those things allover their body for the rest of the night - till morning..fuh!! but the result worth it all - ull get a clear soft skin!!!)

my mom giving her blessing to my bros wife

its totally the highlight of the wedding..the groom will come to the brides house, & take the bride at her bedroom (@ actually the newlyweds bedroom)& go to the pelamin..both the couples will be sitting on the pelamin upon all the guest, jst like they were the king & queen (of cos for them, it was kings & queens;p)..well thts the point btw, the newlyweds are the kings & queens of the day..XD

wait!! whos there on the center?LOL

& after they do the bersanding part, the groom will take the bride with him back to his place for another bersanding session in his place (of cos this time it only applied to my sister & her hubby)..& thats a wrap!!!

to check out the rest of the photos with more details of the wedding, click here..hehe..ciao

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