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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good Morning After Dark!!!

so here we the end of fast the time can b thts the reality..when were counting down the days (like i used 2 do during exam weeks especially..LOL) it feels so then the another day, when we jst forgotten abt the countdown, then here we are!!

btw im not gonna give a speech abt new year of cos..jst wanna do a final review on somethin which i love most - MUSIC!!! hoho..its not a chart @ rank abt the greatest music..jst some suggestion instead - for u guys to check them out (coz i jst love them..lmao;p)

this rapper grab my attention since the 'ridin' days..then he does a collaboration with ciara in 'get up' for the Step Up movie im tellin u, this track is totally fresh which i mean different & refreshing..a good beat to start the day? hell yeah!!!

this next mogul in the biz needs no i jst love him so much!!! his latest album SHOCK VALUE II is totally a must have (which why i am so gonna get the album)..& another good news is (for me), he did feature Jojo with two new tracks in the new album (jst miss her so much - it was so devastating tht the release of her new album was postponed due to the label contract thing)

she was most known for her 'Speeding Car' & 'Hide & Seek' (Jason DeRulo hit single 'Watcha Say' samples the 'Hide & Seek" prominently) it was her outrageous & hillarious fashion sense which always make this grammy nominated singer/songwriter a showstopper (in another kind of way of cos)..& finally in after almost 3 years, she released her new album 'Ellipse' & this 1st single is totally somethin to check out..

this grammy award winning artist debuted all her album in the top 10 of the billboard (her Testimony: Vol 1 evn top the notch in 2006)..but i was never really interested to check her out till i accidentaly heard this song..& yeah she deserve all those review; its an easy listening & relaxing song which able to brighten up the day..

now we move on to my favourite albums of the year ^_^..first off, LADY GAGA's BAD ROMANCE..nothin much to say but all the 8 tracks r choices would be; bad romance (of cos), telephone, alejandro,& so happy i could die..

then we got my fav band of all, ONEREPUBLIC with their new album, WAKING UP..i adore ryan tedeer so much cos i think hes such an amazing musician..they gt plenty of great tracks frm the new album bt surprisingly jst dnt get much attention as the 1st album (which was kinda dissapointing 4 me) picks would be; all the right moves, secrets, good life, everybody loves me, marchin on, made for u, & fear..well most of those songs actually alrdy appeared on some series @ evn soundtracks..

last but not least, MICHAEL BUBLE himself with CRAZY LOVE..i jst love him..& the fact tht i love to sing his songs when i go for karaoke, this new album jst totally a happy news for me *LOL* choices would be; havent met you yet, crazy love, hold on, all i do is dream for you, and georgia in my mind..

so thts all for 2009 i gues..may 2010 brings more great music from great artist..hehe..peace out XD

::HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010^_^::

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My 2009 Movie Picks

its been awhile i havent blurbin around now im back!!! & this time for some closing of

1st of all, i was not really a movie mania..i used to be the dvd @ wait till it came out in TV this year i guess i did watch a lot of movies in here jst some movies which i picked most memorable & worth to watch..

there are so many great hollywood movies this year..& there r also some which jst overated like 2012 (personally i think it was too stereotype & cliche - as it goes with the 'hero never dies' storyline + unacceptable surviving plot)..but 1 movie which i will remember most would be THE FOURTH KIND..its a story based on a real case..abt alien wht so special abt this movie is tht they include real evidence which are real recorded videos from the incident..i was glued to my seat when watchin this movie, even till the it is really worth to watch im tellin ya..

then we go to the foreign movies..i honestly not really a big fan of foreign this 1 jst really touched me..DEPARTURES is a story abt a young man who gt jobless after his orchestra was dismissed, & had to find a job asap to support his family..then a misspelled ad which state the word departures led him to a new chapter of his life which was so amazing..this movie won an oscar for the best foreign language movie this year..

finally we go to the local movies (malaysia)..yea i know my friends would be like "do u watch malay movies?"..LOL..hell yeah i do bt still depends i only watched 2 malay movies this year, papadom & pisau cukur..& my vote goes to PISAU CUKUR..LMAO..this malay chick flick is totally a must watch..its not a stereotype malay comedy (which i found so damn bored) & u will laugh all the way from the beginning till the end of the movie..pisau cukur(golddigger) is a story of two girlfriends who got on a ship for a luxury vacation with 1 soul mission; to search for a possible millionaire a murder case change almost everything..oh my prada, i jst love fazura - her acting was amazing *looks damn natural* LOL..

so there u go..these r jst based on my personal opinions with no other jst enjoy u guys..peace out ^_^

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry X'mas 09

this post specially dedicated to my best jay of cos & also to all my friends out there whose celebrating christmas..wishin u guys a great 1=)

& here i also included a specially dedicated song from Gaga - Christmas Tree..hope u guys love it (despite the kinda explicit content;p)..^_^..peace

Christmas Tree lyrics

Ra pa pam pam, ra pa pam pam
Ra pa pam pam, ra pa pam pam

Light me up put me on top, let's falalalalalalala
Light me up put me on top, let's falalalalalalala

The only place you wanna be is
Underneath my Christmas tree
The only place you wanna be is
Underneath my Christmas tree

Light me up put me on top, let's falalalalalalala
Light me up put me on top, let's falalalalalalala

Ho ho ho, under the mistletoe
Yes, everybody knows
We will take off our clothes
Yes, if you want us to we will

You, oh ,oh, a Christmas
My Christmas tree is delicious
Oh ,oh, a Christmas
My Christmas tree is delicious

Light you up, put you on top, let's falalalala
Light you up, put you on top, let's falalalala
Let's go

Ho ho ho, under the mistletoe
Yes everybody knows
We will take off our clothes
Yes, if you want us to we will

You, oh ,oh, a Christmas
My Christmas tree is delicious
Oh ,oh, a Christmas
My Christmas tree is delicious

Here, here, here
The best time of the year
Take off my stocking's we're
I'm spreading Christmas cheer
Yes, if you want us to we will

You, oh ,oh, a Christmas
My Christmas tree is delicious
Oh, oh, a Christmas
My Christmas tree is delicious

Space cowboy, Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga
And she goes
Space cowboy, Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga
Here we go

Cherry, cherry, boom, boom


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Double Wed

december 4th & 5th marks a family history when my sister, the 1st child of the family finally tie the knot with her choosen one, while my brother (the 2nd child) with his wife whom he married at penang last october had their wedding reception (alongside with the newlywed) at our house..the 2 days 1 night ceremony consist of 4 parts; nikah, khatam quran, malam berinai (night reception), & bersanding (the highlight of the wedding)

the nikah:
its the day when the groom do the "akad nikah" (somewht like the wedding vow) with my dad as the "tok kadi" (the 1 who's leading the "akad")..after the nikah, the bride & the groom are officially a husband & wife;)

during the akad

khatam quran:
it was after the akad nikah (after all the refreshment thing)..the newlyweds of the family (my sister & my bro) reciting some surah from al-Quran together with an Imam to lead them (in their case, it was 1 of uncle)..

both the newlyweds doin the khatam quran

malam berinai:
it is the night reception where the newlyweds will be doing the ceremony in their own place (but in their case, my bro and his wife doing it together - due 2 location thing)..they will be sitting on the "pelamin" (a specially made stage for the reception) while there will be seven couples will do the "menepung tawar" thing; where the seven couples will put some stuff on the newlyweds forehead, hands & feet like henna, wet granuled rice, perfume & etc as a symbolic of blessing..after the reception, the newly weds will get back to their own room where some older will put "bedak sejuk" (wet granuled rice powder) allover their body & henna on their hands & feet (& they will have those things allover their body for the rest of the night - till morning..fuh!! but the result worth it all - ull get a clear soft skin!!!)

my mom giving her blessing to my bros wife

its totally the highlight of the wedding..the groom will come to the brides house, & take the bride at her bedroom (@ actually the newlyweds bedroom)& go to the pelamin..both the couples will be sitting on the pelamin upon all the guest, jst like they were the king & queen (of cos for them, it was kings & queens;p)..well thts the point btw, the newlyweds are the kings & queens of the day..XD

wait!! whos there on the center?LOL

& after they do the bersanding part, the groom will take the bride with him back to his place for another bersanding session in his place (of cos this time it only applied to my sister & her hubby)..& thats a wrap!!!

to check out the rest of the photos with more details of the wedding, click here..hehe..ciao

My Bro Weds

1 of my bro actually gt married last october in penang at the bride's parents was a small simple nikah ceremony with some family and relatives attending..

wedding ring

it was a surprising but happy news for the family as they've decided to tie the knot earlier than expected..but hey, when its jst the time, all we can say is tht, its all written in their destiny=)*now i sounds like*..& yeah it was the best thing for both of them since they were both working in KL away from families (1 from Penang, 1 frm Sabah)..

the newlyweds

so jst wanna congratulate them 4 the new relationship & wishin them a good life as a newly husband & wife^_^ here to check out more of the pics during the nikah ceremony..& dnt forget to check out the next post (ill b poting asap) covering their wedding reception in Sabah at our house alongside with my sister's wedding..peace out XD

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Day at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

here's another old post which i actually tried to post several times bt jst failed due to my #%$#*$ finally, here we go;p

ok, last october, me & my big bro zack jst had an enjoyable trip to Bukit Merah Laketown was a very last minute decision to celebrate his it turned out to be real fun (despite the fact i gt sunburn after almost a day having sunbath there;p)

look at that!!! (love this pic) XD

well nothin much to say..a picture tells more than words right? LOL ^_^ u guys can just click here to check out our pictures during the day (with some other pics of us vacationing;p) in my facebook photo album..

jumpin jumpin;p

while the rest were uploaded in my big bro facebook photo album (there r some he tagged me on) jst enjoy then..ill try to write up some more in the blog later k..peace=)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Mr. Yaakob Special Raya Open House

finally!!! i got to update my blog again!!!;'s a very old post, bt im still gonna post it tough..XD

its an open house organized by our visual art lecturer, Mr. Yaakob..but its so special because its only opened for our class & it was held after the Syawal month..LOL;p

gimme the sate!!(spongebob said) XD

bt whtsoever, the Raya spirit still there, & we did enjoy it so much!! the fact tht it was during our exam week jst bring it to the next level (yea right;p)..the foods was also yummy ("sate" i ate tht night was so uncountable..LMAO XD) the best part of all, of cos, the photoshoot session (photosoot session huh;p)


click here to check out the rest of the photos..& i hope its not too late to thank our repected lecturer, Mr. Yaakob & his family (especially his wife) for the most happening open house of the year (for us..hehe)..see u next year (hoping tht there will b another next year..lalala~)..peace out ^_^
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