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Monday, November 2, 2009

Durian..The King Of Fruit..

durian..what is durian? ok fyi, durian is...*drumroll* here to read more about this DURIAN:p wht can i say is tht, this fruit once appeared in Fear Factor which i totally didnt get what the fear of eating it *what a joke* this fruit is all covered by thorns & got a strong smell bt not 4 those who never eat this fruit before, try it, taste it 1st, then u'll know what u've been missing all this time:)

the durian..

btw, im not here to talk abt the taste & etc, bt 2 share abt another types of durian..& pls dont b surprised & hell yeah it is still durian..believe me!!!well, durian commonly found in white @ cream coloured flesh..the size of the fruit kinda big & variable..& the thorns also kinda big..

thats big huh!!!

its thorns..

its flesh..

then theres this another durian..which is not so white @ more like orange my native language, we call them "lalit" (the common 1 we call "lampun")..while in malay language, im not really size of the fruit r smaller than the common one & the thorns r also smaller in diameter..

smaller in size..

their thorns r smaller in diameter, but im tellin u, its sharper!!!

its coloured

so this orange coloured flesh durian doesnt fall from its u have to knock them down from the tree to get the fruits..hoho..& then theres another type of "lalit", which fall from its tree like "lampun", look similar on the outside to the orange coloured flesh "lalit", but totally different in the inside with either both..cos its RED coloured!!!hohoho..

the red flesh..

what do u think? yummy? hehe;p

what about the taste?of cos all those three taste differently..i mean not much but slightly different..but all those are yummy im tellin u;D..dunno how to describe..seriously!!!so if u really wanna know, just ask ur sabahan friends (not sure where else u can get these types of durian, but for sure we got them at, or u can follow me back home & taste them by!!!(but hey durian only available during its season right;p)..peace..^_^

=by cipol;D

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