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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Eid Mubarak 2009=)

thank god..this year i got to celebrate raya @ eid mubarak at home again with my family..evnthough not evry1 was there, one of my elder brother didnt get to go home, he's on training at johor, so he celebrated it at muar with his friends..

family pic..

this year, we choose cream as our family color theme..luckily this year i gt the right color (not like last year - i jst bought a different purple attire than the rest of the family)..

some other pics:- my parents; my sist with my mum; me...

wht abt this raya? nothin much special, bt the thing i really do realize, this year we got soooooo many visitors!!! i mean a lot!!! i dunno y, & i dnt even know most of them + some relatives which so long we have not met..huhu..maybe bcos this year we didnt do an open house like last year (my mum jst so damn tired by last year experience..hoho)..

7 homemade "kuih raya" by my mum & my sist

wht about kuih raya @ specially baked biscuits 4 raya? like usual, my mum baked 7 different biscuits so it looks good on the biscuits this year theme 4 the biscuits was chocolate - all biscuits are whether chocolate flavoured @ got chocolate topping (chocolate @ white chocolate), except 1 - pineaple tart..huhu..& my mum also prepared some traditional foods like muruku & rempeyek..+ kuih surat cina which she bought (since she said, she doesnt hve enough hands to do all those)..

dishes 4 the 1st day raya

this year, my sist also insisted to do a real ketupat (a traditionally cooked rice filled in a hand wooven leaves case) after all these year we only prepared the comercial ketupat (the rice was cooked in a plastic instead)..well theres some issue at first since its been awhile they didnt made the leaves case, so my mum was like, "i already forgotten how to make the case, so u make it by urself"..haha..but in the end, they've made more than enough ketupat..hoho

the ketupat was served with ayam rendang, ayam masak halia (my mum said, she want to make a different), sate, & kuah kacang (which i forgot to take a also kelupis - its a sabahan traditional wrapped rice, & kek lapis - given by our neighbour=)

otw 2 the airport

my raya holiday ends on the September 27th..& i havent done anything with my assignment & etc during the

click here to check out my last year raya post

btw, raya is still on 4 a month, so i hope its not too late to say Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin 2 everyone=)

^_^ PEACE ALL ^_^

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