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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mall Alone

Sunday, Oct. 25 I decided to go to mall with my parents but I isolate to them I go window shopping alone, here is some of my pictures... I don't take pictures alone in the mall plenty of people starring at me T_T (SHY TYPE)

The pictures are taken in the place where there is no too much people



Still at home doing funny thing ( Its not funny T_T ) (UP)




Even though you don't ask forgiveness, I already forgiven you best, you know me.
I wont get mad to you (NEVER EVER), its just I'm so very sad =[
No Worries I'm ok now

Saturday, October 24, 2009

2 Years of Bestfriend :) myspace graphic comments

1st of all, im really sorry best 4 everything which i should ask u 4 a forgiveness..i know theres a lot..but im not here to give any excuse..jst asking 4 forgiveness..i know & i do remember its already been 2 years, & many things change & i will never deny that..but hey, 1 thing 4 sure, u r still my BESTFRIEND & will always be..

wht abt me? im still single, still living on the same path..a new bestfriend? sure i do have my big bro around now, but doesnt mean that we're not friends anymore..u r still my best..just tht ive change & i want to change..

but 1 thing 4 sure, eventhough we've never met in a real life, but ive no doubt at all to say that u r my bestfriend.. myspace graphic comments

btw i really hope u can pls post somethin abt ur update in this blog..i dunno if u r really busy @ wht bt i wish u can spend some time at least to post somethin abt ur latest news..hope u will never forget the reason tht ive built this blog is 4 us to keep updating on each other..but now it seems like im a single owner of this blog..

i guess thts all 4 now..wishin u a very good day which full with happiness..happy friendship & peace=)

sincerely: cypol

Our College Raya Party

& heres another a very late post from me..hoho..well on October 3rd, theres a raya party @ gathering organized by our college held at the Balai Kerapatan..nothin much to say..theres a lot of food & most of them are damn spicy!!! (wht do u expect, its Negeri Sembilan what..hoho)..but there are various of selection so nothing really to worry;)..

the day was rainy so everyone just gathered inside the hall..but my classmates, not everyone was around, maybe 4 a while, but they just have to go since they are involved with Senam Seni for SIPMA' they have to go for still we manage to do some photoshoot session..lmao;D..& heres some from my camera..

the dining part..we were at the backstage..i mean behind the

they were tryin 2 match these 2 pair as we're wearin same coloured attire

with eunice..^_^

then with tya..

while the rest u can check them out in my class blog..there r more pics from my classmates camera..just enjoy..peace=)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy 2nd best friendship anniversary best!

Hi best! I cant believe that we are best friends for 2 YEARS! haha... (even though your work eats most of your time T_T) waaaaaaaah!

I know that you will forget this day, I EXPECT IT T_T

I don't really know what to say... hhhmmm... I'm just so proud to have a best friend like you, because you're loyal and true =]

I just want to say that YOU CHANGE best... its not you anymore... =[ you always make excuse of your exam, is it exam everyday? or maybe I'm still you're best friend but you found a new 1 there.. just tell me even if it kills me... hehe its ok no worries... I don't know if we can still talk or do you still want to talk? or maybe you got a GIRL FRIEND! haha nice one best!

I cant explain what I feel right now, mixed of happiness and sadness... and I don't know what to do either (I'm so bored haha)...

I'm so sorry for everything...

But I want you to know that you have my loyalty and i will still love you and My only best friend... so untill here Happy anniversary again best ^^

I've send something in your e-mail.... its not really important but its one of my hobby to read it everyday! hahaha hope you appreciate it...

October 24 2007 - 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

BBM Exhibition

so this is a very late post from me..huhu..T_T

on the September 29th till September 30th, our batch, the 1st year degree student semester 2, just held an exhibition on teaching aid was under the Malay Studies department, & all the teaching aid is for Bahasa Melayu teaching & learning process..

every unit/class was required to open a booth to display & promote their own handmade teaching aids..& well, our booth just became the biggest booth (even the fact tht all the preparation was made on the very last among the rest!!! haha;P..

here's are some pics during the exhibition..ngee ^_^

just the tag...

while on duty - at the booth with Intan

want some fairytales story?lol

OMG!!! i just turned into a pink butterfly!!! & im sweatin like a *cat*

on the second day - we're wearing our new class shirt(which is not so new actually);D

i know i didnt include any pics of the exhibition site here (please forgive me?)..hehe..cos u can check them out in my class blog..there are tons of them & more pics of us..hehe;P

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Bro Zack!!!

its my big bro Zack birthday!!!wowowo..2 my bro, u just turn 29 today, bt theres a lot more to just wishin all the best to you, for good @ for worse (dunno y i jst love tht jst enjoy ur life to the fullest ok!!!

a very latest pic of him..

i honestly dunno wht to expect abt his reaction if he found out abt this when i said "im gonna post it", then its no bro, im sorry:p

a gift & a card 4 my bro

2 b honest, im so freak out abt his bday gift..i really dunno wht to give..then i get him this thing which i hope he'll like it, & it turned out tht he loved it!!! so i guess i got the perfect gift for him..yay!!! mission accomplished:)..& if u jst wondering wht was the bday gift, its

last but not least, i know ive said it already, bt i jst cant help


ur lil bro: cypol^_^

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Bro Convocation..

last weekend, on sunday, it was 1 of my elder brother convocation ceremony..the whole family except my another elder brother (the 1 whos 1 year older than me) was there..

lol..its not me who graduate=p

the ceremony starts around 2pm & ended around was the 1st ever convocation ceremony ive ever attended..

its his turn

well i know some might realize theres somethin wrong here..its my its not my fault..ive told u ive never been to any graduation convocation ceremony before, so i really dont know tht i must wear a formal i didnt bring @ prepare 1st i was thinking bout jst stayin outside the hall, bt my dad who 1st also didnt get to go inside (1 invitation card only allow 2 person to get inside), insisted to wait outside the door..& finally they let us in, evn tht i was wearing a very informal

family all together

jst as soon as the ceremony done, we go to the portrait booth & met a relatives which ive never met before..hoho=p..according to our parents, we're cousins..

my bro with a cousin

smile please...

the 1 whos officially graduate


so, congratulation 2 abang 4 the graduation..may Allah bless you & may ull have a good life..peace


Saturday, October 3, 2009

What Would U Do If....

someone like this kiddo come 2 u?wuwuwu..

my lil cuzzy..

4 those who know me, they might also knew tht im not really into kids..haha..its not tht i hate them, but i jst dont get along with them (dunno how 2 play @ treat them right..huhu)..but last raya, when my beloved aunt came by with her kids, this kiddo is jst *im speechless*..huhu..he was sittin there in front of me, so i jst took some pics of him..then suddenly he just come crawling to me..wargh!!! wht shud i do?!

some more pics of Syami..

thankfully he made a turn go to my back & try 2 climb the there's her sist whos really hard 2 smile, Zaza..

she got big shin chan on her

somethin im really sure abt these siblings r, tht they dont speak much..huhu..but zaza do speak a lot when she's with her mommy dearest..@ shud i say only speak much with her mommy..huhu..

some more pics of zaza..with my sist..hoho..

well, theres another 1, their elder he's all grown up now..jst keep running everywhere around the didnt gt the chance 2 take his pic..


then theres some pics of my mums 4 fun..hope u enjoy the pics..peace=)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Eid Mubarak 2009=)

thank god..this year i got to celebrate raya @ eid mubarak at home again with my family..evnthough not evry1 was there, one of my elder brother didnt get to go home, he's on training at johor, so he celebrated it at muar with his friends..

family pic..

this year, we choose cream as our family color theme..luckily this year i gt the right color (not like last year - i jst bought a different purple attire than the rest of the family)..

some other pics:- my parents; my sist with my mum; me...

wht abt this raya? nothin much special, bt the thing i really do realize, this year we got soooooo many visitors!!! i mean a lot!!! i dunno y, & i dnt even know most of them + some relatives which so long we have not met..huhu..maybe bcos this year we didnt do an open house like last year (my mum jst so damn tired by last year experience..hoho)..

7 homemade "kuih raya" by my mum & my sist

wht about kuih raya @ specially baked biscuits 4 raya? like usual, my mum baked 7 different biscuits so it looks good on the biscuits this year theme 4 the biscuits was chocolate - all biscuits are whether chocolate flavoured @ got chocolate topping (chocolate @ white chocolate), except 1 - pineaple tart..huhu..& my mum also prepared some traditional foods like muruku & rempeyek..+ kuih surat cina which she bought (since she said, she doesnt hve enough hands to do all those)..

dishes 4 the 1st day raya

this year, my sist also insisted to do a real ketupat (a traditionally cooked rice filled in a hand wooven leaves case) after all these year we only prepared the comercial ketupat (the rice was cooked in a plastic instead)..well theres some issue at first since its been awhile they didnt made the leaves case, so my mum was like, "i already forgotten how to make the case, so u make it by urself"..haha..but in the end, they've made more than enough ketupat..hoho

the ketupat was served with ayam rendang, ayam masak halia (my mum said, she want to make a different), sate, & kuah kacang (which i forgot to take a also kelupis - its a sabahan traditional wrapped rice, & kek lapis - given by our neighbour=)

otw 2 the airport

my raya holiday ends on the September 27th..& i havent done anything with my assignment & etc during the

click here to check out my last year raya post

btw, raya is still on 4 a month, so i hope its not too late to say Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin 2 everyone=)

^_^ PEACE ALL ^_^

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