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Thursday, September 10, 2009

a Weekend, My Big Bro & The Final Destination~

well theres a lot more things i wanna post here in this blog, from my story @ home during the short 1 week break, & then the break fast thing during this ramadhan, the story of an exotic fruit (hehe..4 sure ill post it later) & of cos also abt the lost of my beloved meowth (ive none kitties left now..uwaaa..T_T)..but due 2 my busy-ness, i would hve 2 pass tht out least 4 now..hmm

bt this 1, i jst cant help myself from posting, finally 4 those who jst keep asking me who's my big bro? where his pic & etc..there u exclusive pic of us during last weekend when i gt back 2 penang 2 spend 2 days fasting with my big bro=)

with ma big us huh?!LOL

haha..i know this pic looks kinda actually this is his fav pic of all cos he said, its the best picture in the bunch which reflects the true colour of both of i bet him right..haha=p..

so, wht abt him? u can call him Zack..he's single & girls out there..(i dunno if im allowed 2 write this on - bro if u jst read this, im sorry k, i jst cant help it!!..lalala..its flattering wht=p)..& wht more to tell abt him? i dunno how 2 describe him..we got so many similarities (thts y we get along so well i guess)..but he's the more outgoing 1..thts all..haha (btw bro, again if u do read this, jst so u know, u already gt an admire..lalala)

THE Final Destination? is it the last 1? hope not!!

btw this pic was taken before we went out 2 watch The Final Destination which i would say the best film of the year!!! OMG!!! seriously..its been a while since Final Destination 3, & for big fans of this franchise, of cos its already like a dream come true (a dream of thriller..haha)..sadly, theres jst too much cut been made by the Malaysian censorship board (wht make it worst, u can easily spot those deleted scene..hmm) 4 sure im so lookin forward 2 watch this movie in DVD @ online (jst cant get enough from the deleted scene..huhu)..

later tht day, we have our break fast with a home made steamboat..(sorry tht i dont hve a picture of it - there r some pics taken by him, bt i dont gt any..hoho)..& the funny part is, there was jst too much 4 two which of cos end up with us unable to finish it all (i know my friends would say - "r u serious? u cant finish ur meal?"..haha - bt seriously im tellin the truth!!!)


maybe its jst a weekend, but it means a lot 2 me..thanks a lot bro 4 the weekend..i really2 do appreciate it=) when would be the next time? break fast? maybe ramadhan next year..but breakfast? another 3 weeks?^_^..thats all..peace~

p/s: i wonder when will i gt a chance 2 take photos like this with my BEST..sorry best 4 being so quiet all this time (still got 4 more assignments on the line..argh!!!)

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