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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My 1st Ever B'day Present, B'day Cake & B'day Party..^_^

abt a week before my bday, on the saturday, i went out 2 KL, planning 2 search 4 my baju raya @ jalan TAR..coincidencely, my big bro also comin 2 KL 4 his reunion break fast with his he wanna join me 1st before he go 4 the break fast / reunion..

we met in sogo 1st..then he came with a bag which i recognize, with a box inside which also i was from me, & he said i left it @ home..i was like? r u serious? u took whts inside bt give me back the box & the bag?lol..then i jst realize theres somethin inside..surprise!!!!

the duck

there are this solar powered rotating head duck & a card..its a birthday present with a birtday card!!! OMG!!! i was like..cannot believe it..haha..yea, seriously..since 2 b honest, ive never get any bday present before, maybe chocolate @ candy request during my highschool year, but a present..none..hoho..& its a week earlier..huhu..

the card

a birthday card? i used 2 get some D.I.Y this is totally my 1st ever ready made birthday the words inside, means a lot more than just a card=)

the words

then a day before my birtday, which is last thursday, me & some of my friends, my classmates, went out for our last break fast together at T1, also sending tasya home..they decided 2 have our break fast at this small bistro inside T1..then it goes like usual, untill...

the cake
i heard someone singing a song which everybodies familiar with..its "Happy Birthday" song & i saw Pika comin with a cake..& the candle got blowed off by the, seriously i was like so speechless..i am really surprised!! didnt expected it at all..ive never celebrate my bday, never had a bday cake, so this is totally my 1st ever bday party (& its a surprise party)..

me cutting the cake

wuwuwu..take turn lorh=p


revenge time..lalala~

i also got some more bday a chocolate (from Mimi)..haha..well im a chocolate fan ok (not to mention i felt so lucky tht my 1st ever bday cake was a cute delish chocolate cake)..hehe..

the presents

bear bin from pika - jst filled it up with my cloud 9

2 in 1 bear photo frame + clip from lydia- she got my pic from Melaka trip framed in..huhu

giant mug from tya & ijat (it is giant..& heavy..hoho)

its funny 2 realize tht only when im 20 i got all these..i just broke my record of never celebrate my bday when im 20!!! 4 real & no kiddin!!! lol..may my 20's bring a whole new better perspective in my life=)!!to my big bro & my friends, thanks a lot 4 everything..i really really do appreciate it & i can never ask 4 more..its totally my 1st time which jst bcme a memory, & a memory which i would never forget..peace all^_^

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