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Saturday, August 8, 2009

When a Guy Went For Some Shopping..^_^ / T_T..Kaaching!!!

its been a while since i last shop 4 some formal attire..i dont evn remember my last time..i guess last year finally ive decided 2 do some shopping since im goin 4 SBE (dont ask me whts tht, ask some1 else *since i jst dnt wanna think abt it..T_T) in the next 2 weeks..

so today, i went 2 SOGO 4 some shopping & lucky me theres a SALE!!! yay!!! well i know 4 guys theres nothin much 2 expect since its already known tht guys stuff usually r way much expensive 2 compare with girls stuff (why the hell this world jst so unfair in this case..T_T) whtevr, i still wanna get a new shirt @ 2..hoho..& hell yeah i did!!! lalala~

2 SMALTO shirts..

ive run through every section 4 each brand lookin 4 some slim fit long sleves shirts & flat front then due 2 very limited choices *+ the price*, ive finally end up picking some regular fit smalto shirts..actually theres 1 i really like bt then i was thinking abt checkin out other section & theres some other guys also checkin out those shirts & when i gt back there, he jst took tht shirt & tht was the last piece of my size!!!..argh!!! so ive picked those 2 other shirts..huhu..

1 stripy SEED pants..

then i went lookin 4 a pants (& ive promised 2 myself tht ill only take 1..hoho *due 2 my financial..haha*)..its kinda really hard 4 me 2 find 1 very suit 2 me..i dunno y..maybe bcos im jst gettin skinnier now & its really hard 2 find my then i think, nvrmind, maybe someday ill gain some weight..*crossing fingers*..

my new lovely BONIA shoes..^_^..

& the last thing ive been thinking since last semester is a pair of new shoes..a black shoes (since i dnt hve any black shoes anymore - i only got a pair of each white & brown shoes)..& actually ive been watchin at this shoes since i dont evn remember..& evrytime i looked at them, ill checked the price whether theres any discount..& unfortunately, since then till now, i only saw the same lowest price (i dnt evn remember how many outlets ive already today, finally i had this exact shoes on my feet..yay!!!(evnthough i know its not really a formal shoes bt whtsoever..haha)

the reciepts..

jst as i got all those things in my hand, its time 2 get going..hoho..& the overall amount ive spended today? secret!!! haha..only god 4 sure, the only word i can say is "kaaching"..huhu..& from now on ill b fasting from any shoping again *except 4 my baju raya..ngee*..hehe..peace

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