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Friday, August 21, 2009

C Ya Later Penang!!! & Hello Again Sabah...

i will never say good bye 4 sure..but im gonna miss tht place so much @ actually gonna miss my big bro so much..i had a great time stayin there & the most important part is, i got to spend a lot of time with my big bro..somehow he made me feel so damn lucky 2 have him as my bro, he gave me shelter & he accompany me, or else ive nowhere to go..huhu

this place feels a lot more like home


to be honest, im so happy tht ive finished my SBE today, but dont kinda feels like celebrating it cos its also a mark of my last day in penang..but 4 sure ill b back 2 make a lot more trouble there again..haha..& jst now, im already in the departure hall on LCCT..somehow i dont feel like goin..T_T

jst sittin in the departure hall

my flight should be on 7.30pm, but jst this morning when im in the bus from butterworth to KL, i got a text message from Air Asia tht my flight jst been RETIMED to 9.05pm..OMG!!! so ill b arrive at KK around 11.55pm something..& my parents (my dad) already started yelling at me as its my fault tht the flight got postponed..T_T.. well tomorrow is the 1st day of Ramadhan..hmm

the departure hall..empty huh..hoho

so now, its only 6.40pm & im jst sittin here in the departure hall, online , writing in this blog & jst playin some games..huhu.. 4 sure, 2 my big bro, i promise tht ill spend a day @ two fasting with u during this Ramadhan..thts my word=)peace..

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