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Sunday, August 2, 2009

2nd Day @ Genting

as early as 7.40am+, we all checked out from the apartments we've rented 4 the night..we were jst so damn excited 2 play & get onas much rides as we around 8am, we already at the entrance gate but the theme park not opened we head to the garden 4 some

..commercial break..lalala~

jst chillin out ^_^
do i look like a "star"?
hello?anybody home?

the theme park were open by 8.30am, & we are among the early as our stuff are securely locked in the locker (i only grab my compact cam - evn my hp ive left in the, without further a due, we've started movin conquering most of the rides (well, nobody really there yet..haha)..& more excitement just about to start..hehe..

buckle up 4 some thrill!!
i love it!!! (i got to get on it twice..hehe)
hey there big teddy!!
these birds jst love me..lalala~
1 lucky bird..haha:p
i got 1 big bear standing on me..hoho
i jst love cats..haha
hangin on the bus..
oh my dear energizer..ngeehehe..

lookin good together?=p
1 wet ride..btw were jst friend ok..
lunch time!!! i was jst so damn hungwy..-_-"
eye on genting..hoho
where r we actually?
y this horsie not movin?-_-"

unfortunately, some of the most exciting rides including the flying coaster (which im so dying to get on..argh!!!) & corkscrew (seems like the best roller coaster among the rest) were closed 4 some maintenance..why the hell they didnt do it on another day?shit..T_T..wonder when will i can get there again (didnt think so..haha)

commercial break drama while otw back 2 seremban..haha
around 7pm, we all started get going back 2 seremban & we arrived at our college main gate before 11pm (wht an achievement)..but we've decided 2 stop by at a mamak restaurant across the road to grab our dinner (its a very tiring day!!!) well we got class by the next day..but most of us were absent including me..haha..i got fever!!! i mean seriously!!! hoho..while every1 was concerned (& still) abt H1N1, i am finally confirmed safe from tht disease by tuesday after an almost 3 hour check up at a clinic..hoho..& thats a wrap..peace=)

1 comment:

Mr. Poindexter said...

i like your jacket..give it to me.

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