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Friday, August 21, 2009

C Ya Later Penang!!! & Hello Again Sabah...

i will never say good bye 4 sure..but im gonna miss tht place so much @ actually gonna miss my big bro so much..i had a great time stayin there & the most important part is, i got to spend a lot of time with my big bro..somehow he made me feel so damn lucky 2 have him as my bro, he gave me shelter & he accompany me, or else ive nowhere to go..huhu

this place feels a lot more like home


to be honest, im so happy tht ive finished my SBE today, but dont kinda feels like celebrating it cos its also a mark of my last day in penang..but 4 sure ill b back 2 make a lot more trouble there again..haha..& jst now, im already in the departure hall on LCCT..somehow i dont feel like goin..T_T

jst sittin in the departure hall

my flight should be on 7.30pm, but jst this morning when im in the bus from butterworth to KL, i got a text message from Air Asia tht my flight jst been RETIMED to 9.05pm..OMG!!! so ill b arrive at KK around 11.55pm something..& my parents (my dad) already started yelling at me as its my fault tht the flight got postponed..T_T.. well tomorrow is the 1st day of Ramadhan..hmm

the departure hall..empty huh..hoho

so now, its only 6.40pm & im jst sittin here in the departure hall, online , writing in this blog & jst playin some games..huhu.. 4 sure, 2 my big bro, i promise tht ill spend a day @ two fasting with u during this Ramadhan..thts my word=)peace..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Terrible SBE / PBS..T_T

today is already my 3rd day of my i still got 2 more day (...*lie*...)..& so far what can i say is just, this is damn sucks!!!!im doin it alone this time & its totally goddamn bored!!! i dunno wht to do..i hate the task..& i dont wanna think about other asignmnts..

searchin 4 a light..huhu

the worst part ever is i had to relief some classes which im not required yet actually..i should only doin some observation!!! im not trained @ equiped with any skills to take over a class yet!!! so wht do u expect when somebody like me get into a class with nothin but himself? lol..well, im just doin nothin..huhu..i do feels bad abt it bt whtever..hoho

so today i got 1 more class to relief (i hope there wont be anymore other by tomorrow)..its an english class..surely ive no idea wht to do..but jst hopin the kids will behave this time ( i jst cant take it anymore i mean handling those naughty kids..T_T)..*crossing fingers*..pls wish me luck..

mi kari

& this is my breakfast 4 today..hehe..mi kari @ curry mee..sponsored by the teachers..hehe..thanks..^_^..(now im smiling a bit..ngee)..*jst a commercial break=p

& finally its me in the class..wargh!!!..T_T..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bus Terminal - Bored..T_T

dunno wht 2 jst bored..damn at the bus terminal right now..jst online usin this free wi-fi available..but still jst damn bored..argh!!!

btw im goin back 2 penang bus b on 11.30pm (as scheduled) & ill b arrive there around 5 - 6am..hmm..& still i dunno wht do i so happy tht ill b stayin with my big bro & got 2 spend plenty of time with him (i guess)..i really miss tht time when we got 2 chat & jst chat about craps..haha..yea craps!!! & sometimes about our very personal thing (he's the only person i can really share abt almost everything!!!)..

but in the mean time i kinda stressed out..i had to do my SBE next week!!! & i dunno wether am i the only person who'll be doin it @ the school ive chosen..well im no good with this thing..+ i got 2 more assignmnt to do (which i havent start yet at all), & a task report (4 the SBE) + 1 paper work (4 physical education presentation)..argh!!! i guess im not havin any holiday after im done with my SBE..T_T

OMG..i can say nothing at all no thts all i guess (jst talkin craps again..haha)..jst wish me luck with all these things k..*crossing fingers*..peace

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Send It On

seriously ive never really been a fan of these disney's offense but, eventhough the fact tht ive read a lot about them, used to hear & watched them a lot in radio @ MTV, but still never really been a fan..neither jo bro's, miley, demi lovato nor selena..

the tween stars..

till now..haha..well i just checked out this new single that theese tween star made for the channel's social campaign & charity..& i kinda diggin it!!! seriously..didnt expected it but i think its a very nice song..& the music video also kinda very simple song, simple music video & simple message..but a catchy 1..thumbs up!!!

check diz out; send it on official music video

The program aims to educate children on how to help the planet..proceeds from the sale of the single will go to environmental charities..& heres the lyrics of the song:

A word's, just a word, 'til you mean what you say
And love, isn't love 'til you give it away
We've all gotta give
Give somethin' ta give, to make a change

Send It on, On and On
Just one that can heal another,
Be apart, reach a heart,
Just one spark starts a fire!
With one little action
The chain reaction will never stop!
Make it strong,
Shine a light and send it on!

Just Smile, (Just Smile)
And the world (and the world) will smile
Along with you,
That small act of love,
Stands for one become two!

If We take the chances
To change circumstances
Imagine all we can do
If we,

Send It on, On and On,
Just one that can heal another,
Be apart, reach a heart,
Just one spark starts a fire!
With one little action
The chain reaction will never stop!
Make it strong,
Shine a light and send it on!
Send It On!
(Oh send it on)

And There's Power in all of the choices we make,
So I'm starting now there's not a moment to waste!

A word's, just a word,
Til you mean what you say
And love, isn't love 'til you give it away

Send It on, On and On,
Just one that can heal another,
Be apart, reach a heart,
Just one spark starts a fire!
With one little action
The chain reaction will never stop!
Make it strong,
Shine a light and send it on

Just one that can heal another
Be apart, Reach a heart
Just one spark starts a fire!
With one little action
The chain reaction will never stop
Make it strong
Shine a light and send it on
Shine a light and send it on
Shine a light and Send it on


well doesnt mean tht ive turned into a big fan of them..but i think i kinda had a crush on looks cute with tht haircut..ngee..thts all..peace

p/s; need 2 start packin up my stuff, goin back 2 penang tonight..yay (ill post abt it later)..regards - cypol

How Much Ive Changed?

its funny when we look back at our old photos then jst realize how much we've changed..jst recently, someone, my classmate, jst posted some pics of then & now of every single person in our class in our class here to check out the post..

seriously i think its so hillarious to see how much people around us have changed by time including ourself without even realizing it..then i started to check out my external hard drive to search for some of my then pictures..& these are some which really touched changed!!! everybody im just sharing my story=)

earlier this year..lookin fat uh?!huhu~

during raya last year..i jst shaved my head & i was so damn skinny..T_T

earlier last year..around april..look healthier & happier..haha

august 2007..when i jst started studying here

national service day..Feb 2007..its Jason who gave me extra horns!!!

finally, check this out..a very exclusive pic of me during my highschool year..this pic was token when im in form 5..OMG!!! now i really do realize how much ive changed!!!
what a good boy huh..LOL

Saturday, August 8, 2009

When a Guy Went For Some Shopping..^_^ / T_T..Kaaching!!!

its been a while since i last shop 4 some formal attire..i dont evn remember my last time..i guess last year finally ive decided 2 do some shopping since im goin 4 SBE (dont ask me whts tht, ask some1 else *since i jst dnt wanna think abt it..T_T) in the next 2 weeks..

so today, i went 2 SOGO 4 some shopping & lucky me theres a SALE!!! yay!!! well i know 4 guys theres nothin much 2 expect since its already known tht guys stuff usually r way much expensive 2 compare with girls stuff (why the hell this world jst so unfair in this case..T_T) whtevr, i still wanna get a new shirt @ 2..hoho..& hell yeah i did!!! lalala~

2 SMALTO shirts..

ive run through every section 4 each brand lookin 4 some slim fit long sleves shirts & flat front then due 2 very limited choices *+ the price*, ive finally end up picking some regular fit smalto shirts..actually theres 1 i really like bt then i was thinking abt checkin out other section & theres some other guys also checkin out those shirts & when i gt back there, he jst took tht shirt & tht was the last piece of my size!!!..argh!!! so ive picked those 2 other shirts..huhu..

1 stripy SEED pants..

then i went lookin 4 a pants (& ive promised 2 myself tht ill only take 1..hoho *due 2 my financial..haha*)..its kinda really hard 4 me 2 find 1 very suit 2 me..i dunno y..maybe bcos im jst gettin skinnier now & its really hard 2 find my then i think, nvrmind, maybe someday ill gain some weight..*crossing fingers*..

my new lovely BONIA shoes..^_^..

& the last thing ive been thinking since last semester is a pair of new shoes..a black shoes (since i dnt hve any black shoes anymore - i only got a pair of each white & brown shoes)..& actually ive been watchin at this shoes since i dont evn remember..& evrytime i looked at them, ill checked the price whether theres any discount..& unfortunately, since then till now, i only saw the same lowest price (i dnt evn remember how many outlets ive already today, finally i had this exact shoes on my feet..yay!!!(evnthough i know its not really a formal shoes bt whtsoever..haha)

the reciepts..

jst as i got all those things in my hand, its time 2 get going..hoho..& the overall amount ive spended today? secret!!! haha..only god 4 sure, the only word i can say is "kaaching"..huhu..& from now on ill b fasting from any shoping again *except 4 my baju raya..ngee*..hehe..peace

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Life Before The Computer...


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thank you...

Thank you ms EX-President for what you've done in our country, thank you for leaving a great legacy, we won't forget you... Thank you again and GOOD BYE.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

2nd Day @ Genting

as early as 7.40am+, we all checked out from the apartments we've rented 4 the night..we were jst so damn excited 2 play & get onas much rides as we around 8am, we already at the entrance gate but the theme park not opened we head to the garden 4 some

..commercial break..lalala~

jst chillin out ^_^
do i look like a "star"?
hello?anybody home?

the theme park were open by 8.30am, & we are among the early as our stuff are securely locked in the locker (i only grab my compact cam - evn my hp ive left in the, without further a due, we've started movin conquering most of the rides (well, nobody really there yet..haha)..& more excitement just about to start..hehe..

buckle up 4 some thrill!!
i love it!!! (i got to get on it twice..hehe)
hey there big teddy!!
these birds jst love me..lalala~
1 lucky bird..haha:p
i got 1 big bear standing on me..hoho
i jst love cats..haha
hangin on the bus..
oh my dear energizer..ngeehehe..

lookin good together?=p
1 wet ride..btw were jst friend ok..
lunch time!!! i was jst so damn hungwy..-_-"
eye on genting..hoho
where r we actually?
y this horsie not movin?-_-"

unfortunately, some of the most exciting rides including the flying coaster (which im so dying to get on..argh!!!) & corkscrew (seems like the best roller coaster among the rest) were closed 4 some maintenance..why the hell they didnt do it on another day?shit..T_T..wonder when will i can get there again (didnt think so..haha)

commercial break drama while otw back 2 seremban..haha
around 7pm, we all started get going back 2 seremban & we arrived at our college main gate before 11pm (wht an achievement)..but we've decided 2 stop by at a mamak restaurant across the road to grab our dinner (its a very tiring day!!!) well we got class by the next day..but most of us were absent including me..haha..i got fever!!! i mean seriously!!! hoho..while every1 was concerned (& still) abt H1N1, i am finally confirmed safe from tht disease by tuesday after an almost 3 hour check up at a clinic..hoho..& thats a wrap..peace=)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

1st Day @ Genting

last weekend, me, my classmates (12 of us) + science students (10 of them ) + another pals jst hve a great trip to Genting Highland, The City Of Entertainment..we started movin from Seremban around 11am, take the comuter & monorail to Gombak then straight to the Genting Skyway with bus..

we started our journey with lookin 4 our apartments which already booked earlier..& the real excitement thing only started in the evening..& the story goes:)

im in the cable car & its a very long ride!!!
jst tryin 2 make the situation
im "so" scared (pretend to..lalala)
in genting highland already^_^
still dunno wht to

another 1..
1 more please..lalala:p
isnt it beautiful?
the host of endless fun & entertainment:p

this pic too just love it..hmm

@ vietnam house..
dinner time!!! KFC time!!!
ready 2 get cold?!
yay!!! im sittin on the polar bear!!!
ready 2 get spooky?
i heard the ghost talk to me; "no camera pls"..lalala~

ready 2 get goin..
its cold!!! actually not tht cold..haha
the good boy side of me..haha
walkin back 2 our apartment..its Miss X..lalala~
tht night, we've entered snow world (had a great time there) & also ghost house (which i seriously think jst a waste of time & money for me..T_T) & thts it..the rest, we jst doin some window shoping..hoho..& get back 2 our apartment 2 hve some rest & prepare 4 the more exciting next day..hehe..wait 4 my next post with a whole lot more great scene..lalala~

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