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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Yesterday.... bored..& dunno wht else 2 do..wht else 2 post..wht else yesterday, i was out jst 2 gt some things done..i gt my ass up on the evening around 3pm..& my 1st pit stop was of cos, food took sizzling mee 4 my lunch around it still cn b count as lunch?huhu..

then i gt down 2 the atm machine 2 gt some cash..haha..thanks a lot 2 my big bro, cos if not, i surely wont evn think abt goin out tht day..huhu..jst then, i was thinkin bout goin 2 karaoke (lol) 2 do some practice by my own 4 tomorow's performance (ill b performin the song You Raise Me Up - again - but this time with Tom, 4 our college belated teachers day..wakaka=p) after 2nd thoughts, i jst need 2 pass tht out..haha..lets jst wait & see wht will happen during tonights rehearsal..

then i go 2 the pharmacy 2 gt some prescriptions (dont ask wht) & it cost me MYR40..huhu..& the prescription is only 4 a month ( i used 2 take the other 1, bt seems like it doesnt work on me anymore & ive left it 4 so long, so then i gt introduced 2 this another 1 which told as the better & stronger 1..haha..whtevr..)..& with this new prescription, i need 2 start takin a proper breakfast again..hmm..still thinkin how 2 figure it out..i wonder when i cn jst stop takin this medication 4 good..(again, dont ask wht - i wont answer..haha=p)..

jst when i was abt 2 get goin, i remember bout the book of cricket which i should get i go around lookin 4 tht book & after searching in 3 difrnt bookstores which are way apart, & still didnt find 1, i decided 2 jst gt back 2 the hostel..haha..

back 2 hostel, ive been thinking bout my dinner..since ive already had my lunch at 4pm, i decided to jst take-away a couple of "roti canai" there u go..around 8.15pm, i finally serve myself with this dinner treat on my desk upon my there u go..bits of my yesterday..lalalala~..peace=)

yummy yum..roti canai oh roti canai..(its a traditional dish)

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