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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Souvenirs From Australia...

Friday: when i was already sittin here on my desk with nothin but my towel (lol..*blushing*..), suddenly i got an emergency call from my big bro zack..he's already here at our college main gate!!! OMG!!! yea he's already back from Australia & already been here 4 abt a week..but he never told me tht he's gonna do a surprise visit (as it is really surprisingly) & i dnt evn expected without wastin more time, i jst grab my clothes & get 2 the main gate asap..

& there u beloved big bro walkin to the main gate as he saw me arrived there..& wht else but a massive hug..finally!!! & i was just so speechless..he said he just stopping by to give these souvenirs he got 4 me from Australia (evnthough ive already told him not to - since ive owed him so much already *money*)..while he's actually on his way to Malacca..& these are the stuff..


a cute multi-purpose

souvenir plate with stand

souvenir magnet

Australian lifeguard t-shirt..^_^

i love all of them..but the best souvenir of all actually my big bro he got to bring himself back to Malaysia safely what!!! & the best part is, yesterday i got to spend a day with him, accompanying him shopping 4 some stuff (he'll be back workin by next week..hoho)

somehow i felt like the time move too fast & the day felt damn short..but hey, he made my day!!! somehow he made me forget all this pain ive to face & reminds me how to enjoy myself again instead of just fakin it..thanks a lot bro!!!..huhu..& now he still dunno where he'll be posted..just praying all the best for him..may Allah bless him..i love u bro..& u r my big bro, then, now, & forever, for good..peace

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