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Friday, July 3, 2009


This is my wrong schedule or I should say I don't like it at all T_T , Monday! I can't tell if I like it or not, I will be in school just for 1 hour only T_T this is a waste of time 11:30 - 12:30... FINIT (Finance for Computer Science) its all about finance.. it talks about the money money and money. Tuesday, first subject EC111 (Principles of Economics) its all about economics, ha ha!, what to produce? when to produce? so on and etc. SO103 (Filipino Family and Current Events) it talks about family, governments and currents events... I like this subject because I can relate what happened in our society. Next day again ^_^ Wednesday!, first subject OOPLA (Object Oriented Program...) it is about Java programming I like this subject and it is also 1 of my major subjects... FINIT is about finance... hhhmmm... and the last subject for wednesday is IRMGT (Information Resource Management) its all about computer managing... topologies, etc... Tuesday and Thursday got only 1 schedule ^_^ and the last day of class Friday! first subject SICT2(Special ICT Course 2) its about connection... how it connect and how it works son and etc... FINIT again then last subject DBMSP (Principle of Database) its all about database.. (I should master this one.. my pro. said that an I.T. professional is only focus in programing it is useless we I.T. members should master this thing... and end of the week....

There are something I don't like in my schedule as you notice for every 1 subject there is a 1 and a half vacant, and I don't like it... it makes me spend my money more and more... T_T actually I did not make my schedule someone did it for me... but then its ok.. its just I really don't like very big time of vacant its kind of waste of time... some time I'm online every vacant that's where my money going... spending in non-sense things.

And after school every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I go to gym... hehe and even Saturday only... I'm in the bed of pain now T_T but its ok... No pain, No gain ^_^

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