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Sunday, June 21, 2009

a Day Out to JJ..& i got a NEW Terrible HAIRCUT!!!wuuhuu~

this morning, as planned, i was out to JJ, alone, jst 2 get some things kind of things?cut my hair..& jst tryin 2 chill out..playin "Para Para Paradise" & karaoke..all the old me..huhu..

never wore this shirt then i think, y the hell not?

let the past b the past..teeeeeet=p..

as u can see from that photo, i look so damn miserable with my long & messy today i jst wanna gt rid of it..& 4 the 1st time, i wanna try somethin diffrnt..ive been thinking bout gettin my hair done at X-Cut instead of "Mamak Hair Saloon" - as i call

bt 1st, i wanna play para2 & sing my heart out in K-box (i was thinking 4 greenbox, bt naa..ill wait till i gt my allowance 1st..hoho)..i jst so missin to do these stuff (+ bowling - bt 4 now, gt 2 pass tht out..T_T..)..& enjoying my old style..alone....~....jst then i gt my haircut..

my fav grilled chicken chop..

dnt wanna talk about my haircut yet..argh..since i kinda dissapointed with it..huhu..jst when i gt my hair done, asap i went to the food court & gt my fav dish - grilled chicken so missin this cost long as im happy & satisfied..lalalala

this my new hairstyle jst unleashed my nerdy chinese look..T_T

as i said..i kinda hate my new hairstyle..wawawa..the 1st thing come into my mind when my hair done is jst - oh my, now i look so chinese..huhu..its not tht i dont like my chinese look, bt hey it brings a whole lot more trouble 4 me - in terms of communication of cos - since i dont speak cantonese @ mandarin @ etc..huhu..& i also look nerdy i wht else 2 do..this haircut cost me MYR15 & i think im gonna keep it at least 4 another week & we'll see wht happen next..lalalala..

& by my next visit 2 any hair saloon, my next hairstyle gonna b short 4 sure..peace=)


Fizyanee said...

rambut tu ba..

wahaha,,jln2 jmpa blog..

wan T A N ho said... chinese look..lallalla~~~haha

cJay said...

yeyen..haha..2 la pasl..nda pa nti ak mo kasi short mohawk trus ni rmbut..

cheh..jln2 jumpa blog kunu..padahal jumpa d ym..ngeh3=p

wan..ah, biarla ba..bagus la klu teda klu dsni masi dianggap ada..hoho..

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