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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Brand New Start!!!

today is the 3rd day of our new semester..& 4 this sem, i am tryin 2 mark a brand new start..evnthough some of my friend said tht, i came here on the 1st day looks like nothin its nothin 2 celebrate 4 me..hoho..

the 1st thing i wanna change is my lifestyle of cos..its been awhile i havent exercising..seriously..i evn forgot when is the last time i put on my sport on the evening of the 1st day, ive decided 2 hit the field & do some laps, joging..

recognize the shoes?its National Service sport

yea, im proudly present my infamous National Service sport shoes which ive been using since i left the camp on March 2007..haha..& it still okay hell yeah ive been thinking 4 a new pair especially tht im takin Physical Education as my minor 4 this sem..hoho..lets jst pray tht ill get 1..haha..

tht evening, im not alone - i did go alone, but theres a bunch more chinese gurls & a boy + some indian dudes playing soccer on the im not so lonely then..haha..then i jst take out my luvly hp, play some songs & strt joging (of cos after im done with warming up - thts really important!!)

i am sweating already..

a group of indian guys playin soccer..


i jog, & jog & keep on joging..oh my..till the moment i can hardly keep on my jog, so i slowly turn 4 a walk..& i already did around 2.6km..wah..pretty impressive since its been so long i havent done a long distance run @ jog..huhu..then i go 4 another 600m walk before i stop & do some other basic exercises..& it feels great!!!

do i look exhausted?..hell i am!!!


unfortunately, on the next day - Tuesday, my feet is killin me!!! wonder after wht i did - forcin myself 2 jog tht much after a very big break from it..haha..& today, it feels much better..& tomorrow ill put on my luvly sport shoes jst so sick & tired being this internet geek..hoho..i want 2 get active again..i hope this determination will last long..hoho..pls pray 4 me


zul hairey said...

omg! u still have that nerdy shoe? i left mine at kem kubena..wakaka..

cJay said...

of cos la..masi bagus ba y not..huhu..

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