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Saturday, June 27, 2009

6 Hours Karaoke!!!

yesterday, we was planning 2 watch Transformers Revenge of The Fallen at JJ..unfortunately all the tickets 2 all showing was already sold out except some front seat on the side which 4 sure, hell no we gonna take we decided 2 go 4 some karaoke

its been awhile we havent entered Green Box, & 4 the new gal, Tia, this is her 1st time 2 go we jst wanna take her chillin out doin some of our usual we go for Green Box karaoke evnthough evry each of us gt a very limited budget..haha

lets get loud

grab the mic!!!

we got in around 3.30pm..& jst as we entered the room, the girls went took some snacks & drinks, while i started the karaoke session with my fav song of cos - Im Yours by Jason Mraz..haha..then the story goes..

actually we paid the room for 3 then nobody came 2 bring the we jst stay in..then around 6pm the dinner already without a doubt, i who was so damn craving 4 somethin heavy jst go took some food with pika..without nobody tellin us tht those food actually comes with a difrnt package & difrnt

with a full concentrate huh=p

i was tortured cos most of the time they pick the song 4 me!!!

tryin 2 belt it out..wakaka

then 1 of the worker came in while we were havin our meals & told us abt the real thing (tht the food comes with a charge) hey, according 2 the time, we r abt 2 we didnt hve much time 2 hve some more meal & i was the only 1 who took the dinner meals (pika jst took some cakes - actually a lot combined with the worker said, its fine, its their fault tht they didnt inform us all the meals r free..yay!!!

tasha & pika

tia & me

me & tasha

so then we just continue our karaoke..untill its 6.30pm (when our period should end), the songlist still keep on we jst (without any guilty..haha)..till around 9+pm, we finally decided 2 jst left - already so damn tired..wakaka..this is not our time this evr happened actually..the 1st time was when we gt an extra 2 this time we gt an almost 3 hours

ready 2 get goin?

hell no..we still gt plenty of

& the best part is, after calculating, we only hve 2 pay MYR13.50 is so economical!!!seriously..4 all the 6 hours karaoke, snacks, foods & drinks..wawawa..i am beyond

jst when we got out from green box, there are totally an insanely lot of people queing up 2 watch we jst go for para2..haha..& every1 jst take a round..then we go for a taxi head back 2 college..huhu..seriously i was so damn we decided 2 stop by at mamak stall 1st to hve a cup of tea & roti canai before we gt back 2 hostel..& evn till now, i am still damn tired..huhu..


Fizyanee said...

wah,,gilla kaw..huahua..

kalo wat konsert,,ribu2 jg dpt ne..hahaha

cJay said...

ui..of cos la..
mna ko mo dpt konsert smp 6 jam oo..nonstop tuh..haha=p

Yanzzzzz said...

pandai ke nyanyi????xpcaye...lawan sama aku r...hehehhehe

cJay said...

oh..nk lawan? bole je..meh la..lalalala~

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