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Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Sleeping Disorder..T_T..

u know wht..besides my eating disorder, im also facing another which i hate so much..sleeping disorder..argh!!!i cant sleep & its alrdy been about 2 weeks @ more!!& im suffering!!!wuwuwuwuwu..T_T..

this geek in the pink who's frustrated with his "eyes"

usually, ill b, sleep..haha..ill gt to bed around 12am (its like already set in my daily then ill woke up by 6.50am the nxt now dunno y i jst cant close my eyes..huhu..every night ill have 2 lay down on my bed in the dark doin anythin tht can help me 2 gt 2 sleep such as counting sheep (lol) for abt at least an still, the result jst the same..even now, its already 12.25am here (which usually im already dead during this time..hoho) bt im not sleepy yet (kinda weird 4 me seriously)..& now jst writin here in this blog..huhu..

ive tried some other things, including midnight exercise, dancing & etc jst to make myself tired with a hope tht i can sleep easily since ill b tired u know wht, it doesnt work..wargh!!!huhuhu..i only gt sweat which even made me more uncomfortable 2 gt 2 bed..huhuhuhu..

some of my friends gave me some tips like drink a warm milk @ soaking my feet in warm water before go 2 still didnt work..T_T..& now i really hve no idea wht more 2 do..i wont mind if it doesnt affect me bt, its nt jst tht i can hardly sleep, bt i also hardly woke up in the morning..i felt like so damn tired whenever i tried 2 get up..& it doesnt jst end there..ill b so damn tired & sleepy all day long..sometimes i felt like brain dead bt still i cant sleep..wht the heck!!!OMG!!!huhu..ive been thinkin maybe i should take sleeping pills after this if it still didnt change..hoho..

i used 2 have a good sleep time & im hopin 2 gt it back..

i miss my usual sleep time..huhu..i just want to sleep properly again..anybody can help me? i will jst keep counting those sheep..uwawawawawa..T_T..

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