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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Please..STOP judging me..

do u know wht hurt me most? being judge..i hate it & will never like it..u cn criticise me bt pls dont evr judge me..

the only reason i felt much better of alone is so i wont have 2 bear much abt any1 else, jst watch out my own bussines & dnt hve anybody be my mirror which reflects more thn i offense bt seriously i dont mind if anybody would call me anti-social since evn my mom called me so..still doesnt mean i love being alone..i hate it..sometimes i even hated myself 4 being this pathetic still a human being ok..still want 2 care & be cared, 2 love & be loved..

i love being those who cn accept me as i am..whether the good or bad side of me..not by those who jst pretend like they can accept my dark side bt actually they dont..pls jst b true 2 urself..i know im not tht good (4 sure im not evn a good person) if u jst cant accept me, jst say it..jst gt the hell out from my life (im sorry 4 the words - bt i jst cant find any better words 2 express myself right now)..its not tht i dont wanna change..i am tryin my best ok..ur not in my place so dont ever said tht u know how do i feel @ u do understand my situation right now..

i know once uve done somethin bad, forever people will remember it, bt once u did good things, only few will lasts - still by chance..yea maybe i jst deserve it..thanks a lot by the my holiday mood jst totally ruined by all this shit..

do u know why i love my BEST - Jay so much?! bcos evn the fact tht we've never met in reality - not even close, but he has been the most understanding person ever who can accept me as I am..some says FRIENDS ARE ABOUT GIVE AND TAKE, bt how many of us really do hold on tht principe in our friendship?

4 those whoever felt like i dedicate this to, thanks a lot 4 the friendship so much..i really do "appreciate" it..y dont u jst kill me huh?argh!!!wht a shitty day..n

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