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Thursday, May 14, 2009


I decided to make a new things in my life, I want to go back my old hobbies not like now that I'm always staying at home eating, surfing the net, sleeping, and etc. and I'm becoming more LAZY! (I don't want this anymore) and it happen everyday and I'm getting more big (I mean my body). So from now on I will change my daily routine (What a good or maybe great IDEA). Tomorrow I will wake up as early as I can to take a jog after jogging go home and I will make myself (Breakfast, bath, tooth brushing and so on blah blah blah). Then I go to the one of the source of our business and that is NATASHA, I'll get our items and bring it to the shop. After that, I'll go home and eat a very light lunch (Preparing for my next task) and I'll go straight to the gym (WOW! I miss it!) I'll will stay for almost 6 to 7 hours there just to complete my set (I will explain it tomorrow). Then I go home again with a very tired body (FOR SURE!) and rest for a while until I'm gone sleep. (I wish I can do all of this things tomorrow.) My another purpose why I need to make a new routine is that, so I may able to post here in our blog of my best friend, I can write here what ever in my whole day even everyday. Not Just my old routine that I'm always staying in the house eating and doing non sense. I wish I can make my best happy with my new routine ^_^.

So this is all for now. Blog again tomorrow. And always take care best. Saya sayang awak ^_^

(Best... I'm so sorry about the blog for my sick, actually I do have a blog but it is in draft =] I did not published it yet because it is not done.)

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