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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Weight Issue..huuuu~

weight has been 1 of the main issue ive been facing since like forever..i was born & grew up as this skinny dude & honestly i really didnt like my figure..i kinda lost my self-esteem when it comes 2 my physical appearance especially when it comes 2 being shirtless..hoho..lets jst say being skinny is nothing ive ever can b proud of..hoho..

me then..skinny, flat & etc..wawawa..
i dont know whts the prob bt its jst me who can easily loss weight bt can hardly gain a kg..hoho..some says its bcos i gt high metabolisme tht i didnt gt to store much of the food i ate (eventhough tht im a big eater - seriously!!!huuuu) bfore my body produce it into energy..hoho..i used 2 weight in about 63kg after my hisghschool when i gt here 2 pursue my study, my weighty issue again becomin my main concern..i started 2 loss weight drastically & becomin skinnier than ever..hoho..
my beloved suplement during my
(btw this thing nothing to do with steroids - just protein enriched!!)

its been awhile ive been thinking bout taking weight gainer (i evn forgot since but it was during last year sem break which i finally managed 2 take it..yea of cos it gonna cost me some ka-ching (..T_T..) its already been my goal 2 bulk up (at least a bit) and no more 2 skinny then i take my 2 months holiday as my best time 2 gain my weight (lot of food with protein on the top of my diet plan, weight gainer of cos, & plenty of exercise - painful bt whtsoever..hoho)
me; early this year before leavin 2 airport 2 gt back 2 my college
(looks kinda fat though..haha).

& u know works!!! wahaha..i was like so damn happy with the result (not completely bt at least i can see the result - i guess u do gained abt 9kg during the holiday!!haha..jst when i arrived at my college, i do realized almost every1 kinda like surprised with my new appearance (although tht most of them said tht im fat but hey at least im not skinny anymore..ngee=p)..unfortunately it doesnt last long..huhu..

jst abt after 2 months staying here, i started to lose my weight again!!! argh!!! its hard to deny bt i cn feel it by myself..hoho..well yeah i didnt take the weight gainer as scheduled anymore & i also stop exercising (i was jst sooooo damn busy with study..T_T..) theres no way i would let myslef gettin skinny again as i used to (eventhough i already felt skinny right now..argh!!!)..i manage 2 encourage myself to do some basic exercise (especially push-up) whnever i gt a chance & tryin 2 take more protein in my daily food intake (its really hard to plan wht to eat as im livin in hostel..hoho)..

me recently; before goin to class..looks kinda 70's huh=p.

bt whtsoever..jst least than a month were havin our sem break ( 1 month only though..) & u know wht, ive been thinking 2 try 2 gain my weight hve any suggestion=p..pls wish me luck k..haha..peace..

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