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Monday, May 11, 2009

My Untitled Sculpture..

this morning i just submitted my sculpture 4 my visual art assignmnt (the last 1!!wht a relief..hoho)..its a combination of korean & african sculpture (as we were asked 2 create a sculpture based from the study on comparison of arts between various customs)..

1 step before the final touch
(jst after finishing the plaster layer - waiting 2 gt dry)
just so u know, this is another last minute artwork from me (as i usually & i jst finished it last night (along with the portfolio..ngee~)..& the name 4 this 1 is - Untitled!! (since ive no idea abt wht name 2 put on..hoho)
this sculpture made from polisterene (as it easy 2 shape up in this very last minute time..haha) & covered with plaster of paris (which 1 of my friend called "a plaster tht cn bring us 2 Paris without goin there" -wht the finally i just colored it with tempera paste (easy work huh..haha=p)..
the final is exotic ( i hope so=p)
actually this sculpture kinda fragile since i only put a thin layer of plaster (cos im not patience enough 2 put more layers & make it thicker & much time what!!!) which i even accidentally cracked 1 of the horn (as i called those two towering thing=p) while painting this im jst so not into mood 2 alter & recover i jst submitted it as it done in the last place..wawawa..jst hopin my lecturer wouldnt mind (with my fingers crossing-_-") & give a good mark..wawawa..T_T
p/s; jst now i gt inspired 2 name it as "Unity" (which mean its "Untitled" no more=p)

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