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Friday, May 22, 2009

Megan Joy!!! I Love U...*blushing*=p

i love this gal since her audition..theres just somethin special abt her..her voice, her music, her style, & of cos her beauty..waaaa!!!shes so damn pretty!!!i think she actually deserve 2 stay longer in the competition (at least maybe till top cos she actually did add some flavour in the show..evnthough i dont really gt tht awkward movement - while she was performin, but i do think she gt the potential 2 make a breakthrough in the industry..just look at duffy, amy winehouse, katy perry & etc.. they might not be the best singer, but their unique sound & music style made them stand out..& hell yeah this gal gt tht factor + package..ngee..

flawles beauty which took my breath away..waaa!!!

looks gorgeous in tht pink stuff!!!=p

they somehow kinda looks like Danity Kane,
bt i think it should be Megan who stand in the middle since she's the most gorgeous
no offense though..huhu

if anyone remember, she actually did some cool movement down the stage around the audience while B.E.P was performin Boom Boom Pow, & i was like, why dont u go onstage & dance with them?lol..

some says its 1 of the weirdest performance of the night,
bt i actually kinda diggin it..haha

love this pic - theres Kris & theres Megan..(my 2 fav

im really lookin 4wd to see more from this girl..hope she'll made a career in this showbiz thing..doin her music in her own style, must b interesting..hoho..i like her versions of Walkin After Midnight & Turn Your Lights Down Low..just good luck..haha..peace..

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