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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Exclusive - Spoiled Performance 2 - I'm Yours

this is 1 of my fav song of all time..around last March, when we're having a camping at Port Dickson, i was asked to perform during the final night when we were having this TalenTime night..but its not for the contest..its jst a side performance while the judges evaluating marks for every fyi its a very impromptu performance..i only gt 2 prepared tht evening..hoho

i chose to perform this song since i did once sing this song with my friend/classmate Suhaib playing the guitar (he also the one who played the guitar 4 this performance) tht was jst 4 fun & it was so long ago (last year i guess) whtsoever..the performance still must go

the spoiled perfromance=p

the funny part is, there is another unplanned instrument which played during the performance from outside the room (tambourine) & it was played so out of was like so pissed of while singing & i was like jst wanna stop her (also my classmate) from keep shaking tht tambourine..argh!!even at the end of the song i was so distracted with tht sound & lost my focus which finally made me sing tht part without direction & once cracked my voice..haha=p

while this is a vid which i made so long ago when this song jst abt gettin it place in the mainstream (though i already gt the demo version so long before tht=p)..i did gt some pretty nice comments & also some terrible comments from the wht do u think?=p..enjoy..
I'm Yours - Acapella - By Me

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