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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eurovision Song Contest 2009

the winner - Alexander Rybak

seriously ive never heard of this competition (im not even sure whether is it jst another singing competition @ a song competition - as it stated in the name of the contest -bt it seems more like a talent show - personally 4 me) then i jst accidentally read abt it & my curiosity (since i jst love music ask me 2 search 4 it in youtube..haha..

Alexander after the press conference

& the result (of tht search), i am impressed!!! it was a spectacular song contest!!! btw 4 this year, Alexander Rybak from Norway took away the winner title with his was a fun song..this dude dont jst sing, he also play violin & gt some sick move while it was a really great performance from him (the performance looks a bit like circus themed though 4 me)..

Alexander Rybak performin Fairytale

while the 2nd winner was Yohanna who sang Is It True (she represents Iceland)..this girl have a very soothing voice & the song is a very relaxing to hear (personally 4 me)..many says shes the best singer through the competition, maybe (ive no comment since i havent watched the rest, bt wht can i say, she sing tht kick ass song like a piece of cake!! its a very simple performance bt who cares if everything was beautifully done right?lol..

Yohanna Performin Is It True

3rd place goes to this duo from Azerbaijan, Aysel & Arash with their song Always..actually this is 1 of my fav of just love the song evnthough im not a big fan of the singing (its jst ok) bt this is a song contest the girls r damn beautiful even the dancers / backup singer, bt of cos especially the god!!!she's so damn pretty!!!

Aysel & Arash performin Always

while my other fav performance including this chick from UK, Jade Ewen with her song It's My Time..actually ive seen her music video 4 this song before in MTV i guess (while i totally have no idea abt this Eurovision thing) & my 1st impression when i heard this song was, she got this glimpse of Leona Lewis..i even thought she might be another product from the X-Factor, bt i guess i was it still a good song though & shes pretty much a good singer also (maybe not as good as Leona - her singing live is way much better 4 me personally)

Jade Ewen performin It's My Time

while this 1 is my big bro Zack fav (he recomended this to me) 1st i dont really gt wht so special with this Anastasia Prikhodko..when i 1st heard her, the 1st thing came into my mind is, another "Bjork"? shes sho different (just like Bjork)..& shes so her..& tht is why i jst listened 2 the song again & again & again..& oh my, this is different..not just she sounds different, but the feeling, the i totally didnt understand the song Mamo (btw she represents Russian) but the emotion, i can feel it to my vein (not like the other performances)..while the voice & the props, u should jst check them out by urself..hoho..

Anastasia performin Mamo

while the others, lets just say, there r bunch of great singers with their own not even finished checkin all them out (there r just so many & my connection is totally like shit!!) just enjoy..peace..

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