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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ipoh Mali!!!

nothin much to say..just wanna tell u in IPOH y bt it feels really great tht finally i did break the rules since our holidae should actually starts this saturday (there were some more activities in our college till this friday - as scheduled - bt dunno if it still on @ not) i jst escaped since ive done with my final exam a good boy=p..

just a snap - actually in KEDAH just back 2 Ipoh by afternoon)

seriously ive never done this - in terms of gt my ass out before the holiday officially this time i did (my 1st time!!!lol - only in this college=p)..with a help from some of my friends(thanks so much guys!!!)..wakakaka=p

so far i still dunno wht to do during this holiday..jst go on with my friends dunno whether ill b on9 a lot (like i used to) or not..haha..cannot tell ill keep updating as much as i can (thats for sure=p)..

2 all my friends..dont b jealous..hehe..usually u guys left me among those who'll be left the college last, bt this time im among the early bird..haha..just enjoy ur holiday guys..peace=)


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Please..STOP judging me..

do u know wht hurt me most? being judge..i hate it & will never like it..u cn criticise me bt pls dont evr judge me..

the only reason i felt much better of alone is so i wont have 2 bear much abt any1 else, jst watch out my own bussines & dnt hve anybody be my mirror which reflects more thn i offense bt seriously i dont mind if anybody would call me anti-social since evn my mom called me so..still doesnt mean i love being alone..i hate it..sometimes i even hated myself 4 being this pathetic still a human being ok..still want 2 care & be cared, 2 love & be loved..

i love being those who cn accept me as i am..whether the good or bad side of me..not by those who jst pretend like they can accept my dark side bt actually they dont..pls jst b true 2 urself..i know im not tht good (4 sure im not evn a good person) if u jst cant accept me, jst say it..jst gt the hell out from my life (im sorry 4 the words - bt i jst cant find any better words 2 express myself right now)..its not tht i dont wanna change..i am tryin my best ok..ur not in my place so dont ever said tht u know how do i feel @ u do understand my situation right now..

i know once uve done somethin bad, forever people will remember it, bt once u did good things, only few will lasts - still by chance..yea maybe i jst deserve it..thanks a lot by the my holiday mood jst totally ruined by all this shit..

do u know why i love my BEST - Jay so much?! bcos evn the fact tht we've never met in reality - not even close, but he has been the most understanding person ever who can accept me as I am..some says FRIENDS ARE ABOUT GIVE AND TAKE, bt how many of us really do hold on tht principe in our friendship?

4 those whoever felt like i dedicate this to, thanks a lot 4 the friendship so much..i really do "appreciate" it..y dont u jst kill me huh?argh!!!wht a shitty day..n

Monday, May 25, 2009

DONE!!! waa!!!!!

finally im free!!!waa!!!just done with my last paper & ive nothin more 2 say..just wanna think abt my terribly hard time answering the Q's..T_T..4 now, all i need is jst a rest..argh!!!finally!!! jst wanna njoy my holidaeee...

jst waiting 2 get the hell out from the hall=p

view from my seat

2 all my friends, jst wishin all of u a very best of luck..may we all gt a flyin color result - though i dnt really think i will this time..maybe its time 4 me 2 release tht "best student" "best student"? funny huh=p..seriously it only gave me preasure with all the high expectations which i hate most + it totally doesnt suit me maybe this is the best chance 4 me 2 prove 2 every1 tht im not tht good!!! & my lucky charm may work 4 abt 3 times (before..haha), bt who knows it may not work again..(i hope it still work jst im so sick with tht title..argh

got 2 get my lazy ass started 2 pack all my stuff now..haha..peace

Susan Boyle is a FINALIST of BGT!!!

1st of all, is there anyone here still dunno who is Susan Boyle? if u really have no idea with tht name, u better check her out

the lady with a hidden BIG talent

Susan Boyle is some1 who really suits the idiom "dont judge a book by its cover"..she just done a try out in Britains Got Talent & blow everyones (including Simon) away with her talent, & currently she just officially 1 of the finalist of the show after the heartwrenching semi-final..

during the semi-final

i first know her from a friend..when i was just haging around at my friends place, he just ask me to check this 1 vid in youtube - which honestly ive already been familiar with the tumbnail but never try 2 check it out (im a youtubers lol=p)..seriously, ive no idea wht makes her so popular, but the moment she open her mouth, i am stunned!!!

just waitin 4 another great performance from her..shes kinda shaky at first during the semi-final compared 2 her 1st appearance which more whtsoever as she did nailed the performance as she reach the high note beautifully..& the best part is, finally Simon being nice!!! im also a big fan of Simon & his big honest mouth..ngee..

i wonder if i can sing like that in tht my dream..hoho=p

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I did it again...

Yesterday night I broke my computer again... ouch! I thought I can fix it only by the use of restarting the pc but it did not work... waaaah.. I don't know what am I going to do... I can't live without my pc waaaah!... actually I got 2 pc here i broke it both.... haha... its a shame T_T ... I don't know when I'm going to bring it to the repair shop or buy a new one T_T... But 1 thing for sure I'm gonna miss you so much my best friend T_T just always take care and sleep early haha! (Even though i broke my computer I still don't sleep early because I listen to the music haha..) so untill here... see you later best and I love you so much ^_^ and I miss you and I love you! haha

1 more paper down, 1 more paper left to go..waaaa..^_^..

i am so heppii2 yeayeaaa (its ma own vocab - 2 express myself - pls pronounce it "rightly" - another vocab? lol) i jst done with 1 more paper - which means i only gt 1 more paper left..waaaaa!!!i am so excited lorh..wuwuwu..

anyway, i think i also did pretty well in this paper (Introduction to Visual Art Education) - finally!!! its not tht i felt great with my answers (since i still jst been the same - jst doin it in my own way - the, bt i jst felt way much better compared 2 my past papers..hoho..thanks 2 my beloved friends / classmates who are so generous 2 share their notes (they even photostated those notes & give them 2 us as somewhat like spread i didnt read anythin (especially books) except their notes..waaa..i am so thankful 2 have u guys (evnthough all these "guys" who've been sharing their notes are girls - the boys only accepting lorh..haha..) as my friends..ngee=p

notes from the girls..hehe..thanks so really helps me=)

so, wht more to say?nothin much..just pls wish me luck 4 my last paper tommorow (Visual Language Comparison) - hoping tht ill gt through it way much better than todays' paper - maybe another notes from my friends?lol..thts gonna b great..ngee=p..peace..

(in my mind - holidae!!!holidae!!!holidae!!!weeeeeee..^_^..)


Wargh!!! Im sorry!!! I didnt mean to!!!

OMG!!! now i really do felt so guilty..abt my earlier post - the hungwyyy one, im just sharing - not askin 4 any help..especially financially..pls dont get me wrong..

just a minute ago, my big bro zack - who jst currently read tht post, offered to help me..but bro, im really sorry, i just cannot accept it..its not tht i dont want to, bt i just sorry..cos this is all by myself, its all my fault..i shouldve save more, & spend my money wisely, bt i jst i do deserve im really sorry tht i cant accept it..

i jst wanna take this as a payment 2 myself..let me learn from my mistake..its not tht i dont want u 2 help me, i am begging u to help me, bt not financially!!! thts jst not the right way (in my own thoughts)..btw i still think i can survive (with wht i had left)..i dnt evn ask money from my parents, so how come i can accept urs?no pls no..dont force me to..i jst cant & i dont even deserve it..

dont worry, its nt tht much bt i still can survive..

bro zack, u do have a really big heart, & i really do appreciate pls..i hope u understand my situation..uve been really nice to me..thanks a pls let me through this once by my sorry..tq



im hungwy!!!!& its been couple of days i havent took my lunch (i do bt just a light 1..uwaaa..T_T), again im back to my pathetic lunch meal - a glass of milk + biscuits..

milk is all i need - to be true - all i still have..T_T

now i only gt MYR45.46 left in my bank account..what?!am I serious?yea..sadly, i am serious..while in my wallet just left abt MYR47..& all this should b covering my budget till next semester..argh!!!..maybe i should start counting my coins after this..argh..i am so poor..wuhuhu..

chipsmore..i love i cant even finish the whole pack..

evnthough i wnt to bt i jst cant - hve 2 keep some 4 another days..T_T

my terrible financial status left me here starving 4 food - i can only have a meal (i mean a real 1) once a day, if not ill b so damn broke (eventhough i am already..huhu)..waa holiday!!!i need holiday i can finish my friends food stock at his home (since im not goin back home) a bad thought..-_-"

wht make it worst, this is so gonna led me to weight loss & i am so avoiding it..argh!!! ..T_T..shame on me..


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Exam @ Holidae?!

wargh!!! i still gt 2 more paper to all i cn think of r8 now is just holidaeeee..wuwuwu..OMG i cant believe i jst bcame this desperate 4 cant even think abt the exam no more..wuhuhu..

just a snap

i still gt both visual art paper left - Introduction to Visual Art Education & Visual Language Comparison, which both ive no idea wht to read..its nt tht i dnt know, (we do gt spotted Q from our lecturer) bt most of those spotted Q just totally way beyond the topic which we have lectured (i guess - since i dnt evn pay much attention in class..wargh!!!)..i am damn confused!!! bt whtsoever..i dnt evn in mood 2 up with me?oh my..god pls help me *crossing fingers*)

the spotted Q's..hmm..

jst now, im just listening 2 music, singing my heart out & sometimes just shakin up my bon bon my fav song jst r8 now is Turn Your Lights Down Low - Megan Joy song jst kinda calm me down..hoho..


Friday, May 22, 2009

Megan Joy!!! I Love U...*blushing*=p

i love this gal since her audition..theres just somethin special abt her..her voice, her music, her style, & of cos her beauty..waaaa!!!shes so damn pretty!!!i think she actually deserve 2 stay longer in the competition (at least maybe till top cos she actually did add some flavour in the show..evnthough i dont really gt tht awkward movement - while she was performin, but i do think she gt the potential 2 make a breakthrough in the industry..just look at duffy, amy winehouse, katy perry & etc.. they might not be the best singer, but their unique sound & music style made them stand out..& hell yeah this gal gt tht factor + package..ngee..

flawles beauty which took my breath away..waaa!!!

looks gorgeous in tht pink stuff!!!=p

they somehow kinda looks like Danity Kane,
bt i think it should be Megan who stand in the middle since she's the most gorgeous
no offense though..huhu

if anyone remember, she actually did some cool movement down the stage around the audience while B.E.P was performin Boom Boom Pow, & i was like, why dont u go onstage & dance with them?lol..

some says its 1 of the weirdest performance of the night,
bt i actually kinda diggin it..haha

love this pic - theres Kris & theres Megan..(my 2 fav

im really lookin 4wd to see more from this girl..hope she'll made a career in this showbiz thing..doin her music in her own style, must b interesting..hoho..i like her versions of Walkin After Midnight & Turn Your Lights Down Low..just good luck..haha..peace..

No Boundaries

No Boundaries - Kris Allen

Seconds hours so many days
You know what you want but how long can you wait
Every moment last forever if you feel youve lost your way

What if your chances are already gone
Started believing that I could be wrong
But you give me one good reason
to fight and never walk away

Coz hear I am — still holding on
Every step you climb another mountain
Every breathe its harder to believe

Youll make it through the pain
Weather the hurricane
To get to that one thing

When you think the road is going nowhere
Just when youve almost gave up on your dreams
Then take it by the hand and show you that you can
There are no boundaries X2

I'm faulting my landing to stand on the edge
What if today is as good as again
Don't know what the future is heading
Nothing's gonna bring me down

I've jumped every bridge and I've heard every lie
I've risked being safe but I always knew why
I always knew why

So here I am still holding on

Every step you climb another mountain
Every breathe its harder to believe

Youll make it through the pain
Weather the hurricane
To get to that one thing

Just when you think the road is going nowhere
Just when you almost gave up on your dream
Then take it by the hand and show you that you can

You can go higher
You can go deeper
There are no boundaries
Above and beneath you
B-reak every rule coz theres nothing between you
and your dreams

Every step you climb another mountain
Every breathe its harder to believe

There are no boundaries X2
Every step you climb another mountain
Every breathe its harder to believe

Youll make it through the pain
Weather the hurricane
There are no boundaries X3

i just so in love with this song..& for Kris, no matter wht people says abt u, abt ur unexpected wins, i just hoping tht ull keep making great musics & b great in ur career..its all about the music & the talent of cos..regards from (only if u do read this - i hope u - in my dream..T_T..)

p/s; its now officially our blog new theme

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Guess Whos on AI8 Red Carpet?lol..

its my fav "idol" from S6 - Chris Richardson..wuuuhuu

my fav singer of all - Jason Mrazzzzzz!!!=p

its my BEST fav - Blake Lewis
(p/s; i gt 1 same exact @ similar pair of

Kris Allen is the 8th American Idol!!!

its Kris Vs. Adam nite!!!

gettin ready to burn up the stage..

doin his thang with his guitar..performin "Whats Going On"

performin the new single, "No Boundaries"

doin cool with piano while performin Aint No Sunshine.. surprisingly tht this dark horse a.k.a obvious underdog of the competition which ive never seen as some1 who could grab the title 4 this year untill the top seriously!!!as i said b4 (check out my older post), jst by tht time he really grab my attention & jst been my fav choice 2 win this show ever since (after danny gt booted out..huhu)..& he did!!!waaa!!! i am so happy2

Kris dude in shocked!!

still shocked..& thankful=)

after the show - kinda confused though..-_-"

im not gonna do a review on the show (im sure theres so many others will do just the same - u gonna find it out in lot more other sites & just wishin tht Kris will be doin good in his career after this (as winning AI doesnt really guarantee a great career after the show - lets jst say any reality tv singing competition)..i love the music, the style & the pls jst stick to it & keep it up..u deserve the spot as american had cast their votes (evnthough tht im not 1 of them - i mean b waitin 4 ur single (besides this "No Boundaries") & maybe an album..pls

Kriss singin No Boundaries - which co-written by Kara

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Hospital

I've been in the hospital for a week just to be with my mom who's patient here. My mom is preparing for the operation for the neck... she have a goiter but not cancerous but still it is multiplying so my mom can't breath easy so she decided to remove it... today she is at home now and still recovering and I'm glad the operation was successful... now I won't worry because she is now in good condition. The operation was started at May 21 2009 at exactly 5:30 dawn. hehe... and got outside just today and its friday. I love my mom...

sorry best I don't have any pictures...

Im In Trouble!!! Wargh!!!

hey dont just do tht poker face!!gt ur ass up & do ur revision!!

waa..ive no idea whts gonna happen to me after this (particularly this sem) just so troubled right now!!! i just done with my Philosphy of Education paper & i totally just blew it up!!argh..waaa..nothing to regret no more..i just suck!!actually i did gt some spotted question from my friend (which actually some of them really came out) bt i did no good with my revision..@ lets just say i was just foolin myself around instead..shame on me..T_T..

example of my note during 1 of my boy=p

(p/s; this is during my Children Development lecture!!!oh my)

tomorow i gt another tough paper - Children Development - which im so not into..huhu..& evn after wht had happen this evening, im still not into the mood 2 the heck is goin with me?OMG..i hope ill get my "hardworkin spirit" tonight so i can study (pls cypol!!!u can do it!!!) for tomorow felt like psycho writin like this right now..haha..whtsoever..just dunno wht more to anybody!!pray 4 me so i can study & do my best 4 this exam..T_T..thanks..peace..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Introducing Zee Avi?!

today, when i was just so damn bored & so outta mood 2 do my revision (gt a tough paper tomorrow - philosophy of education..argh!!!), 1 of my friend jst ask me, "do u know Zee Avi?"..seriously ive no idea & never heard of tht name jst coincidencely i saw her feautured in i just check her out..

introducing Zee Avi, or commonly known as KokoKaina in youtube

this gal is another talent discovered from youtube!!cool huh (wht a lucky gal) & shes from!!!impressive!!! & shes a Sarawakian bt currently in Los Angeles havin a deal with Brushfire Records..& heres her 1st official debut single music video "Bitter Heart"..

Zee Avi - Bitter Heart

wht cn i say abt her?hmm..from her music style, she gt this somewhat like Lilly Allen / Norah Jones / Corinne Bailey Rae / Amy Winehouse & etc things goin on with her bt something a bit different with her own twist of jazzy & soul..she gt this cute soothing voice & yeah very if u like this type of music, im pretty sure u gonna dig her music enjoy..peace..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Eating disorder...

wah... as I read many things about eating dis-order I noticed that, eating to much is not a dis-order (How could it be?!). Actually I don't know just my theory T_T every time I read an article it always says that eating too much can cause diabetes or any sick. The only known for eating disorder is that people with anorexia have an extreme fear of weight gain and a distorted view of their body size and shape. As a result, they strive to maintain a very low body weight. Some restrict their food intake by dieting, fasting, or excessive exercise. They hardly eat at all and often try to eat as few calories as possible, frequently obsessing over food intake. The small amount of food they do eat becomes an obsession. So if you eat too much it just because you're hungry. Nothing to worry about it's normal for a male person to eat too much... because they are always in work, haha =]

1 1/2 day

I have been sick for 1 and a half day, that is monday until tuesday afternoon, actually I really don't know how to say this thing in blog... I just think I got my sick from not sleeping for almost a days... or I got wet from the rain(I'm cold). I notice also that I becoming habit the sleeping not for 3 to 4 days straight... I don't know what actually happening to... and I know this is not insomnia... so this is all I can say for now.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eurovision Song Contest 2009

the winner - Alexander Rybak

seriously ive never heard of this competition (im not even sure whether is it jst another singing competition @ a song competition - as it stated in the name of the contest -bt it seems more like a talent show - personally 4 me) then i jst accidentally read abt it & my curiosity (since i jst love music ask me 2 search 4 it in youtube..haha..

Alexander after the press conference

& the result (of tht search), i am impressed!!! it was a spectacular song contest!!! btw 4 this year, Alexander Rybak from Norway took away the winner title with his was a fun song..this dude dont jst sing, he also play violin & gt some sick move while it was a really great performance from him (the performance looks a bit like circus themed though 4 me)..

Alexander Rybak performin Fairytale

while the 2nd winner was Yohanna who sang Is It True (she represents Iceland)..this girl have a very soothing voice & the song is a very relaxing to hear (personally 4 me)..many says shes the best singer through the competition, maybe (ive no comment since i havent watched the rest, bt wht can i say, she sing tht kick ass song like a piece of cake!! its a very simple performance bt who cares if everything was beautifully done right?lol..

Yohanna Performin Is It True

3rd place goes to this duo from Azerbaijan, Aysel & Arash with their song Always..actually this is 1 of my fav of just love the song evnthough im not a big fan of the singing (its jst ok) bt this is a song contest the girls r damn beautiful even the dancers / backup singer, bt of cos especially the god!!!she's so damn pretty!!!

Aysel & Arash performin Always

while my other fav performance including this chick from UK, Jade Ewen with her song It's My Time..actually ive seen her music video 4 this song before in MTV i guess (while i totally have no idea abt this Eurovision thing) & my 1st impression when i heard this song was, she got this glimpse of Leona Lewis..i even thought she might be another product from the X-Factor, bt i guess i was it still a good song though & shes pretty much a good singer also (maybe not as good as Leona - her singing live is way much better 4 me personally)

Jade Ewen performin It's My Time

while this 1 is my big bro Zack fav (he recomended this to me) 1st i dont really gt wht so special with this Anastasia Prikhodko..when i 1st heard her, the 1st thing came into my mind is, another "Bjork"? shes sho different (just like Bjork)..& shes so her..& tht is why i jst listened 2 the song again & again & again..& oh my, this is different..not just she sounds different, but the feeling, the i totally didnt understand the song Mamo (btw she represents Russian) but the emotion, i can feel it to my vein (not like the other performances)..while the voice & the props, u should jst check them out by urself..hoho..

Anastasia performin Mamo

while the others, lets just say, there r bunch of great singers with their own not even finished checkin all them out (there r just so many & my connection is totally like shit!!) just enjoy..peace..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wild Horses..


I feel these 4 walls closing in
My face up against the glass
Im looking out... hmm
Is this my life im wondering
It happened so fast
How do I turn this thing around
Is this the bed I chose to make
Its greener pastures i'm thinking about hmm
Wide open spaces far away

All I want is the wind in my hair
To face the fear but, I feel scared

Wild horses I want to be like u
Though we caution to the wind
I run free too
Wish I could recklessly love, like im longing too
Run with the wild horses, run with the wild horses!
Ohh yeaaa yea

I see the girl I wanna be
Riding bare back, care free alone
For sure
If only that someone was me
Jumpin head first headlong with out a fall
To act and tear the consequence
I wish it could be that easy
But fear surrounds me like a fence
I wanna break freee ee yeah ohh

All I want is the wind in my hair
To face the fear but, I feel scared
Hoohhh woah woah

Wild horses I want to be like u
Though we caution to the wind
I run free too
Wish I could recklessly love, like im longing too
I run with the wild horses, run with the wild horses!
Ohh yeaaa yea

I wanna run too.
Hohhh woah oh woah oh

Breaklessly im ......... My self b4 u

I wanna open my heart tell him how I feel

Wild horses I want to be like u
Though we caution to the wind
I run free too
Wish I could recklessly love, like im longing too
I run with the wild horses, run with the wild horses! [X2]
Hooaah woah ohh woah

I wanna run with the wild horses

dunno y..these days i jst wanna hear this song..its been 1 of my fav song of all time..its from her album Unwritten..its been awhile i havent heard this song bt jst suddenly dunno y, this song jst appear in my mind and contuniously played in my head..maybe it jst express my exact feelin right now..wuwuwuwu..

My Sleeping Disorder..T_T..

u know wht..besides my eating disorder, im also facing another which i hate so much..sleeping disorder..argh!!!i cant sleep & its alrdy been about 2 weeks @ more!!& im suffering!!!wuwuwuwuwu..T_T..

this geek in the pink who's frustrated with his "eyes"

usually, ill b, sleep..haha..ill gt to bed around 12am (its like already set in my daily then ill woke up by 6.50am the nxt now dunno y i jst cant close my eyes..huhu..every night ill have 2 lay down on my bed in the dark doin anythin tht can help me 2 gt 2 sleep such as counting sheep (lol) for abt at least an still, the result jst the same..even now, its already 12.25am here (which usually im already dead during this time..hoho) bt im not sleepy yet (kinda weird 4 me seriously)..& now jst writin here in this blog..huhu..

ive tried some other things, including midnight exercise, dancing & etc jst to make myself tired with a hope tht i can sleep easily since ill b tired u know wht, it doesnt work..wargh!!!huhuhu..i only gt sweat which even made me more uncomfortable 2 gt 2 bed..huhuhuhu..

some of my friends gave me some tips like drink a warm milk @ soaking my feet in warm water before go 2 still didnt work..T_T..& now i really hve no idea wht more 2 do..i wont mind if it doesnt affect me bt, its nt jst tht i can hardly sleep, bt i also hardly woke up in the morning..i felt like so damn tired whenever i tried 2 get up..& it doesnt jst end there..ill b so damn tired & sleepy all day long..sometimes i felt like brain dead bt still i cant sleep..wht the heck!!!OMG!!!huhu..ive been thinkin maybe i should take sleeping pills after this if it still didnt change..hoho..

i used 2 have a good sleep time & im hopin 2 gt it back..

i miss my usual sleep time..huhu..i just want to sleep properly again..anybody can help me? i will jst keep counting those sheep..uwawawawawa..T_T..

My Eating Disorder..T_T..

everyone knows im a big eater (of cos 4 those who ever have a meal with now i guess it became such like an eating disorder..wawawa..& i totally hve no idea wht up with me r8 now..huhu..

lately, all ive been thinkin (besides holiday & sleep) is jst food!!! i jst wanna eat, eat & eat!!! now ive started double my breakfast, took my lunch earlier & sometimes i even double my dinner..haha..(tht doesnt included snacks & etc)

today, 4 my breakfast, i even finished my friends dishes (there r two of them) & it was around 10am..then..not so long after tht, i have sizzling mee with eggs as my lunch (at terminal 1 shopping complex - since ive 2 go to atm 2 take some money - cos im jst so broke!!!)..then i went 2 the hypermarket 2 buy some biscuits 2 reload my food stock so i wont b suffering whenever i ever thinkin bout food..& finally i jst cant resist from KFC (eventhough i know i really have 2 save my whtsoever..)..

my dinner for u see it..


now u


sometimes i gt this terrible stomachache (which i dunno whether bcos of hungry @ overload) wht i know is jst, i wanna eat!!!wawawawa..& sometimes i even felt like vomitting (bt 4 sure its nothin 2 do with the heck is goin on with me?!!! its nt tht im afraid of becomin fat, cos i jst i dnt wanna gain a

OH MEN... I missed it...

The concert entitled "DAVID and DAVID live in MANILA"!

Did you know that david cook's first show after American Idol will be in Manila, Philippines?
Yes, and that is today! (May 16, 2009). It will be at Mall of Asia.

David Cook is very popular in the Philippines because of his own version of Mariah Carey’s cover “Always Be My Baby (It's the music in our blog ^_^)”. Also topping Manila Chart is his American Idol finale hit, “Time Of My Life.”

And he is not alone he is with DAVID archuleta!


Many people say that he is hot... I dunno about that I just heard it from someone here... haha...

(I was thinkin if I'm going to the concert... If I go I enjoy.. just enjoy and if I got home i will suffer from great pain if I not go to the concert no enjoy but I can sleep tight! because I choose to gym ^_^)

Hey, hey, hey...

Why Jordin spark and Blake Lewis (My favorite ^_^) did not come here T_T


WAH! MY favorite singer T_T. When you gonna have a concert here in the philippines... ( IM a big fan!) woooooh..

Friday, May 15, 2009

An Art Exhibition by Our Senior Students

Yesterday (Friday), theres a small exhibiton organized by our senior students who'll b graduating by the end of this year..the exhibition showcased their artworks 4 the whole of their studies (almost) we jst attend it 2 support & maybe learn a thing or 2..there are painting, mini model, sculpture, collage, batik (a traditional painted textile), portfolio & etc (there are also a movie preview of their journey as a touchy..huhu) my fav artwork of all is this 1 artwork by Kak Sal a.k.a Siput Sedut (as i call a mixed media painting + collage..

this beautiful artwork by Kak Sal.. & im so

1 of the mini model - interior design

collage @ maybe assemblage (kinda confused actually)
-the 2nd row are traditional costum themed-

batik (Malaysian traditional painted textile)

before get goin - with some of my classmates
i already posted it there..peace=)
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