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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Leavin On An Aeroplane(^_^)

this might b my last post 4 this year(so sorry to say but honestly i dont think ill b online again after this when i got back home) what more to say?uhm..dunno, i just finisehd my examination this morning..though its been real damn tough (im tellin u) but i think i did pretty well (hope so) whtever it is, finally im free (from books 4 a while..hoho)

i was just so bored tht finally end up checkin my wardrobe
& plan wht 2 wear when i get back 2 Sabah this
so wht do u think?=p

well ill b leavin this saturday, November 15th & my flight b at 2.00pm so ill b arrived at Kota Kinabalu by about 4.35pm..ive talked 2 my mom & she said my sist will take me from there & ill b stayin @ her place & they will b comin by the next day but we'll only b back home by monday (so i guess finally i have time 2 go to 1

before i leave, jst wanna say sorry 2 my BEST tht ive been terrible for the past weeks tht ive even included my own private problem in this so sorry but i jst wanna have somebody 2 share & its gonna b posts was also somehow becoming not so related 2 u ever since so I am really sorry..but now i guess u have nothin 2 be worried since its over & i hope 4 good..but still sorry since ill only b online posting again when i got back 2 college maybe next year..hoho..(since u know tht my dad already cut the line at home since we jst kinda addicted, the bills gettin higher & we keep fighting jst 2 get


so, goodbye 4 now & hopin 2 c u later (of cos not really sorry)..maybe this holiday is the best time 4 me 2 bounce back gettin my life back..yea u right bout 1 thing BEST, we are a loner & maybe we better jst keep stick 2 it..huhu..

..mahal na mahal kita..panghabangbuhay..

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