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Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Luvly Raya..

family pict..

im so happy that finally i hve celebrated the Eid Mubarrak with my family at home..though i only got 4 days since on the 5th raya i already need 2 get back here in college, but whtever, its still raya...

1st; make apology for all of ur sins from every1 (its my mum & my dad)

the touching part..(my bro with my mum)

the best part; "duit raya" @ pocket money..hehe..(its my sist & my dad)

i also got chance to light the "cucul" @ "pelita" this year & its all on me..hehe..& f.y.i ive lighted it up from the 1st raya night till the the 5th raya night..hoho..then i dunno who will get rid of them after i've returned

lighting the "cucul"

are'nt the night view was so beautiful?

smiling in the dark..ironic huh..

it sucks tht i cant evn go visit my friends place since i was jst so busy doin some artwork 4 our thank god that our family manage 2 do an open house on the 4th raya where i can finally meet them..huhu

foods 4 the "kenduri" @ gathering & the open house..

"kuih raya" @ biscuits specially made 4 raya..(they were all baked by my mum)

finally i also got chance 2 meet my luvly cats..haha..jst so missin them so much..though there r only 2 remaining at home bt still im so mum told me tht 2 of them already passed away while the other 2 was huh..

stay calm angut..hehe=p

obel's turn=)

anyway..these r just some of the pics ive token along my 4 days raya at home..again Happy Eid Mubarrak @ Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..Maaf Zahir dan Batin..

b4 leaving to the airport..T.T..

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