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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Lecturers Raya Party..

yesterday, again our class group were invited 2 make a performance but this time 4 the lecturers "Raya" party..& we need 2 perform along the party while they were havin all the raya meals..hoho..kinda pain actually 4

the female vocalists..(from left; Nina, Tasha, Rina)

during the sound testing session

after the performance..pic by group, except Nina-she's takin the pic=p

we have performed all 10 songs but i only sang 1 song which is also a duet song again with my another classmate, tasha entitled "Suasana Hari Raya" which originally sung by Anuar Zain & Elina..hoho..the other 3 singers (Nina, Rina & Thaqif - a new member from another class) did a solo while the other songs was sang all by us together(^_^)..not 2 forget, 1 solo song by our respective lecturer, Pak Wan..after ours, there are also performances by the lecturers group & a closing performance with the best lecturer of the day; Dr. Puma=p

the lecturers group performance..

after performing, its our turn 2 grab a bite=p (i was actually indulging with "cendol")

the male vocalists..Thaqif & me..

the foods..

the V.I.P 4 the day..(@ actually everyday except

a closing performance with the "most supporting" lecturer of the day; Dr. Puma=)

though honestly i dont really like 2 sing "raya" songs (dont wanna talk about the reason) but still i do enjoy the day..anyway sorry that i dont have any video of any of the performance since the party was actually only 4 the lecturers so i dont have any1 to help me to record the performances..wonder when the next performance will be..hoho..

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