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Monday, October 20, 2008

Kembara Seni Exhibition - HIJAU

on the October 20th 2008, our exhibition finally officially launched and held in our college library 1st floor..the exhibition would be held for 5 days from October 20th till October 24th..

honestly, as the one who in charge with the place preparation (with Im & Akem), im quiet satisfied though it has been really mind blowing & a lot of tense since we only have a very little time 2 get the place ready 4 the exhibition..we only got time on friday; from 3pm till 5.30pm and (since the library is closed on weekend) continued on the monday from 7.30am till before the launch ceremony on 11am!!thank god, with a good co-operation from the class members, everything done nicely though maybe not completely as been planned..

our project manager giving her speech

some of the guest during the launch ceremony

Mr. Tan a.k.a the vice dean cutting the ribbon

Mr. Tan receiving a painting as a gift..

Mr. Tan checking out the guest book..

Mr. Tan signing the guest book..

our exhibition was officially launched by our college vice dean & he has been really supporting & enjoying the exhibition (we were so happy about that) though there were some technical problem during the ceremony (better keep as secret..hehe) even just sold my 1st painting right during the vice dean tour to a lecturer from social research unit..

for this exhibition, we have presented various types of artwork including sculptures (stable, mobile, assemblage), computer graphics (robot, novel & magazine cover), drawings (pencil, pencil color, marker, crayon), paintings (oil, water, acrylic, poster, mixed media) & folio from this semester..some of the artworks also available 4 sell except those tagged as private's are pics from the exhibition..

after the vice dean tour..hehe

me with Im..its my acrylic paintings..

p/s; ill try 2 post my artworks for this exhibition later..but some already posted in the older

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