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Monday, August 25, 2008


I & some of my classmates plus some others (all 10 of us in the same semester) represent our institutes for this event. The event collects students from various colleges, universities & institutes all over the country to perform some dance routine all together upon the Independence Day theme. Starting from August 20, 2008 we get to check in at Empress Hotel. There’s also a forum on the next day at USIM, but our days was mostly used for routine practice & full rehearsals. We were in the 2nd group performing the song “Malaysia Baru”, and there are 4 other must do routines for the finale & they are all patriotic songs.

during forum..

other group practicing their routine

taking a break..

The event was held on August 24, 2008 at Stadium Tertutup Nilai. It has been a really great experience, everybody seems enjoying it much except me. The event was great but I was terrible. I felt so bad of myself that I incidentally got panic while performing the routine for “Malaysia Baru” and made a lot of mistakes while I was in the front line with nobody to cover me up!

last breakfast before the

before the last full dress rehearsal

can u see the colorful pom-poms?!..its the supporters team..

I felt so guilty to the chief choreographer that he had put a very big hope and faith upon us to perform the best. If there is any way I can ask an apology from him, but I don’t think I will meet him again except if I join this event again next year! Nevertheless, who knows maybe he got to read this blog so I’m just so sorry about the day. I do want to be apart of this event again in the future but I promise that I will try to do a much better performance & try to get rid of this stage fright things..(-_-“)

the performance

all 10 of us, after the show (honestly i hate the over sized t-shirt they gave)

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