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Friday, August 22, 2008

My week is totally crazy...

Me Alone



Monday: We dont have a class (I's a HOLIDAY!), actually I don't remmember what I did on that day.(I'm gonna change this part if I remmember what happened on this day.)

TUESDAY:Is a stormy day, first subject P.E.(Table Tennis) Im late, then my prof did'nt notice that I'm late, so she mark me absent even though I talk to him but Its ok. Then, I do have a 1 and a half hour vacant(I played FreeStyle), 2nd subject History(Rizal's Life), we create a new group for a play, our objective in this activity is to present our character by acting(Wah! I can't do that, but I don't have any choice, I should take it. By the way my character is Kapt.Tiyago in the book of Rizal called Noli Me Tangere). Then last but not the least my favorite! STATISTICS oh men, we discuss about techniques in counting and probability. Then on coming Thursday we do have a quiz, our 1st quiz, then we dismissed at 1:30. Then I paly again for an hour(FreeStyle). Then I go to our shop to pick up the products and distribute it. After distributing it, I go home with my parents at 8 o'clock. Then I sleep at exactly 10 pm.

WEDNESDAY:My class start at 7:30, 1st subject COARC(Computer Architecture)(Well I dont really get it or understand our new topic its about C-clock, but this day is a rest day! Woah! yes..... I may now rest my mind.)Then we dismissed at 9:00 o'clock I do have an 8 hours vacant(I'm totally bored) so I seat in the subject of another statistics the have a late lesson and its about SUMMATION NOTATION, It's start at 9:00 until 10:30, then I go to Natasha to get our products and distribute it again. Then I back to school at 4:30 pm, my 2nd class start at 5:00 until 6:00 pm, and that is my LIT101(APPRECIATION), then I go back to shop and go home w/ my parents again.

THURSDAY:First subject again P.E., we practice the back hand and fore hand smash(I look ridiculous, haha!),but I... you know(did'nt make it). Then an hour and a half have been passed(I just play again) then 2nd subject HISTORY(Rizal), I meet the group again and talk about the play next week. But I'm not listening to my group I review myself in statistics about probability and techniques in counting then we dismissed (Nervous mode). Then I go to my room and get the exam, at first I think that the exam is difficult to answer, but then I found out that its easy(OPEN NOTES MODE)(I'm so sorry)(I will not do it again, PROMISE). And after the dismissed, I play again just 1 hour. And go to shop and distribute it again. Then I go home w/ my parents.

Friday:I woke up late, I think its 9:30, my class start at 10:30. My first subject PROG1(Programming using Borland C++) , we make a group composed of 4 members(For a project), then we start making it, just the main page. until the time goes by and we dismissed at 1:30. The my 2nd subject satrt at 1:30 WEBPAGE(JAVASCRIPT) woah!.... No vacant after 3 hours strait, our lessen is about looping and I did it I got a high grade(YES!), and we dismissed at 4:30 but I do have a meeting on my groups in rizal so I got there for a while because I do have a 5 to 6 pm class actually I dont have any rest on this day, (I'm so tired) Then last class LIT101 we do have a exam but I got the half of the total grade(hehe). Then I go to shop again but not to get the products, I just go home with my parents again.NO VACANT AT ALL START AT 10:30 until 6:00 pm =(

SATURDAY:NSTP DAY(National Service Training Program), and that is today! while typing this(toot toot toot)blog... I arrived at exactly 8:30 the class start at 9:00 sharp. Then I meet again my group for a new activity. We make a interview questionaire for the hiring(Call Center), we've made 5 questions. Then we stil have a 1 hour to go, our prof. told us to prepare a 20pesos(Money) for a baloon making materials. And I noticed, that our prof left us and did not come back at all, and it is already 12:00 our dismisal time(so I go), I'm in the computer shop, doing this blog for my best. I need to go now, I need to buy my suites fo the play until then best.bye.

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