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Sunday, August 31, 2008




our class also managed a performance for the celebration in our college consisting 2 patriotic songs ( & this is my 1st ever attempt to sing this kind of were sung by duet, me & nina ( my classmate of course)..the band members are Suhaib, Im, Rina & Lydia..actually we only got least than 2 days to prepare for the performance & the band only formed 2 days before the u believe that? & we have our visual art lecturer, Pak Wan 2 help us manage our performance..

the whole performance

the event was ok..we are the 1st group to perform..then there are also some dance performance which actually i was in the group but i decided to drop out for the the group members, im really sorry..

we're not celebrating the event alone..we do have JPP of every IP from all over the country celebrating in our the nerve really much different when we get onto stage..i cant even stare to front for long..hoho..

the very patriotic

still dunno y..somehow i dont really enjoy this year celebration..something lack..which i can hardly tell..whatsoever..anyway just a cliche end for this kinda


Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm Not Single, No More (^_^)

I dont know how to say this..well, lets jst say i think i might found the right person already..i hope so..but what i know is im jst so happy now..we still kinda trying 2 know each other bt i love the chemistry & we also having so much things in's hard to say how do i really feel actually cause it cannot be describe by

i feel like flying with no

but for my best, dont worry cause u will always be my best & u should always remember that..i hope i can share this happiness with u best..peace(^_^)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Me As a Lone Ranger..

it sucks, but I think im gettin used to it..its hard when we have people around us lookin at us & ask whether am I alone..hell yeah, as u can see, no need to ask bout the just gettin so sick fakin smile to those who pretend to be friend in a good time but completely nobody in a hard time..

Maybe it is nobody's fault but me, myself & I..i chose to stay single & I do felt better of alone..but with these kinda "friends", i guess i really do believe & felt much better of alone now..sounds pathetic right..i do felt

So for those outside there, friends are not clothes u can change anytime u want & throw them away when they are thorn @ when u have another new friends..friendship should last forever..

Monday, August 25, 2008


I & some of my classmates plus some others (all 10 of us in the same semester) represent our institutes for this event. The event collects students from various colleges, universities & institutes all over the country to perform some dance routine all together upon the Independence Day theme. Starting from August 20, 2008 we get to check in at Empress Hotel. There’s also a forum on the next day at USIM, but our days was mostly used for routine practice & full rehearsals. We were in the 2nd group performing the song “Malaysia Baru”, and there are 4 other must do routines for the finale & they are all patriotic songs.

during forum..

other group practicing their routine

taking a break..

The event was held on August 24, 2008 at Stadium Tertutup Nilai. It has been a really great experience, everybody seems enjoying it much except me. The event was great but I was terrible. I felt so bad of myself that I incidentally got panic while performing the routine for “Malaysia Baru” and made a lot of mistakes while I was in the front line with nobody to cover me up!

last breakfast before the

before the last full dress rehearsal

can u see the colorful pom-poms?!..its the supporters team..

I felt so guilty to the chief choreographer that he had put a very big hope and faith upon us to perform the best. If there is any way I can ask an apology from him, but I don’t think I will meet him again except if I join this event again next year! Nevertheless, who knows maybe he got to read this blog so I’m just so sorry about the day. I do want to be apart of this event again in the future but I promise that I will try to do a much better performance & try to get rid of this stage fright things..(-_-“)

the performance

all 10 of us, after the show (honestly i hate the over sized t-shirt they gave)

Friday, August 22, 2008

My week is totally crazy...

Me Alone



Monday: We dont have a class (I's a HOLIDAY!), actually I don't remmember what I did on that day.(I'm gonna change this part if I remmember what happened on this day.)

TUESDAY:Is a stormy day, first subject P.E.(Table Tennis) Im late, then my prof did'nt notice that I'm late, so she mark me absent even though I talk to him but Its ok. Then, I do have a 1 and a half hour vacant(I played FreeStyle), 2nd subject History(Rizal's Life), we create a new group for a play, our objective in this activity is to present our character by acting(Wah! I can't do that, but I don't have any choice, I should take it. By the way my character is Kapt.Tiyago in the book of Rizal called Noli Me Tangere). Then last but not the least my favorite! STATISTICS oh men, we discuss about techniques in counting and probability. Then on coming Thursday we do have a quiz, our 1st quiz, then we dismissed at 1:30. Then I paly again for an hour(FreeStyle). Then I go to our shop to pick up the products and distribute it. After distributing it, I go home with my parents at 8 o'clock. Then I sleep at exactly 10 pm.

WEDNESDAY:My class start at 7:30, 1st subject COARC(Computer Architecture)(Well I dont really get it or understand our new topic its about C-clock, but this day is a rest day! Woah! yes..... I may now rest my mind.)Then we dismissed at 9:00 o'clock I do have an 8 hours vacant(I'm totally bored) so I seat in the subject of another statistics the have a late lesson and its about SUMMATION NOTATION, It's start at 9:00 until 10:30, then I go to Natasha to get our products and distribute it again. Then I back to school at 4:30 pm, my 2nd class start at 5:00 until 6:00 pm, and that is my LIT101(APPRECIATION), then I go back to shop and go home w/ my parents again.

THURSDAY:First subject again P.E., we practice the back hand and fore hand smash(I look ridiculous, haha!),but I... you know(did'nt make it). Then an hour and a half have been passed(I just play again) then 2nd subject HISTORY(Rizal), I meet the group again and talk about the play next week. But I'm not listening to my group I review myself in statistics about probability and techniques in counting then we dismissed (Nervous mode). Then I go to my room and get the exam, at first I think that the exam is difficult to answer, but then I found out that its easy(OPEN NOTES MODE)(I'm so sorry)(I will not do it again, PROMISE). And after the dismissed, I play again just 1 hour. And go to shop and distribute it again. Then I go home w/ my parents.

Friday:I woke up late, I think its 9:30, my class start at 10:30. My first subject PROG1(Programming using Borland C++) , we make a group composed of 4 members(For a project), then we start making it, just the main page. until the time goes by and we dismissed at 1:30. The my 2nd subject satrt at 1:30 WEBPAGE(JAVASCRIPT) woah!.... No vacant after 3 hours strait, our lessen is about looping and I did it I got a high grade(YES!), and we dismissed at 4:30 but I do have a meeting on my groups in rizal so I got there for a while because I do have a 5 to 6 pm class actually I dont have any rest on this day, (I'm so tired) Then last class LIT101 we do have a exam but I got the half of the total grade(hehe). Then I go to shop again but not to get the products, I just go home with my parents again.NO VACANT AT ALL START AT 10:30 until 6:00 pm =(

SATURDAY:NSTP DAY(National Service Training Program), and that is today! while typing this(toot toot toot)blog... I arrived at exactly 8:30 the class start at 9:00 sharp. Then I meet again my group for a new activity. We make a interview questionaire for the hiring(Call Center), we've made 5 questions. Then we stil have a 1 hour to go, our prof. told us to prepare a 20pesos(Money) for a baloon making materials. And I noticed, that our prof left us and did not come back at all, and it is already 12:00 our dismisal time(so I go), I'm in the computer shop, doing this blog for my best. I need to go now, I need to buy my suites fo the play until then best.bye.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another BORED holiday 4 Me..T.T

were havin a break 4 a week now & nothin special about it 4 me though..jst sittin here in my hostel alone & there is also no internet connection in my hostel jst now, means i need 2 go 2 our class building to surf..T.T(jst like wht im doin right now..huhu)

a "bored commercial break" from me..with a bottle of chocolate

it sucks, wht more to do..huhu..& its gettin worst when ive nobody 2 talk online, especially my BEST!!! i miss u best, im so hopin 2 chat with u, bt i know ur problem, then wht else i can do..huhu..

anyway, im so hopin 2 see ur update in this blog best..i hope u will post some sooner..thts all 4 now..mahal na mahal kita best!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Me & U...

i know its not really that this is the best i can do so far..hoho..hope u like it best..& im hoping more pics from u(^_^)


Friday, August 8, 2008

4 MY BEST!!!

i was hoping 2 use this pic as a background 4 this blog but i jst dunno how 2 do i jst post it a shame..i hope u like it best(^_^)
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