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Sunday, December 21, 2008


oh my...

Thursday, November 13, 2008



You did it! Now you already tell about yourself and I'm so happy. Actually best, the reason why I do not post here anything for the past few weeks is because you do always post a blog about your B!!! (YOU KNOW ME BEST) You told here that "WE ARE LONER" but not like me you do still have friendssssssssssss(MANY! I can see it to your friendster), but me, I don't have a friends like yours. I just go to school then go home and face to computer to play(GAMES ARE MY FRIENDS THEY ARE ALWAYS HERE, even though they are not real but they keep me entertain(I LAUGH ALONE TOO, it's for real)and makes me happy). I know the situation about you and your B!!! but when I read your blog about you and your B!!! You makin me hurt too(I thought it was our blog but then your changing now. Yes, you do always post about you but with your B!!!) I know that you feel so very bad with your b but when you tell here that you're hurt, it hurts me more. You know why? Because I love you best, I did not hurt you but your B hurts you and I can't do anything to help you. I'm so sorry(IM REALLY WEAK)(I hope you understand what I say) I just so inlove with you, thats all I can say for now. Just always take care, have a nice HOLIDAY and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BEST!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Leavin On An Aeroplane(^_^)

this might b my last post 4 this year(so sorry to say but honestly i dont think ill b online again after this when i got back home) what more to say?uhm..dunno, i just finisehd my examination this morning..though its been real damn tough (im tellin u) but i think i did pretty well (hope so) whtever it is, finally im free (from books 4 a while..hoho)

i was just so bored tht finally end up checkin my wardrobe
& plan wht 2 wear when i get back 2 Sabah this
so wht do u think?=p

well ill b leavin this saturday, November 15th & my flight b at 2.00pm so ill b arrived at Kota Kinabalu by about 4.35pm..ive talked 2 my mom & she said my sist will take me from there & ill b stayin @ her place & they will b comin by the next day but we'll only b back home by monday (so i guess finally i have time 2 go to 1

before i leave, jst wanna say sorry 2 my BEST tht ive been terrible for the past weeks tht ive even included my own private problem in this so sorry but i jst wanna have somebody 2 share & its gonna b posts was also somehow becoming not so related 2 u ever since so I am really sorry..but now i guess u have nothin 2 be worried since its over & i hope 4 good..but still sorry since ill only b online posting again when i got back 2 college maybe next year..hoho..(since u know tht my dad already cut the line at home since we jst kinda addicted, the bills gettin higher & we keep fighting jst 2 get


so, goodbye 4 now & hopin 2 c u later (of cos not really sorry)..maybe this holiday is the best time 4 me 2 bounce back gettin my life back..yea u right bout 1 thing BEST, we are a loner & maybe we better jst keep stick 2 it..huhu..

..mahal na mahal kita..panghabangbuhay..

Sunday, November 9, 2008


i was jst so bored last weekend which finally made me decided 2 jst grab my compact cam & snap some

EXCLUSIVE!! (i only post this "ad" in myspace since i know its too much appealing..hoho)

well, why is it entitled "the[BW]collection"?..haha..heres the funny part..theres some of my friend said tht bald is sexy (is it true) so the idea came from there actually..when it comes to editing this pics theres a crazy diea of makin it somekind like an ad so then there must a title 4 it at first i was thinkin bout black & white since all the props r just black & then i still kinda think of the term "bald & bold" (since i dont really use 2 do this kind of too much appealing shot) so i change it into [B2]..but still i think [BW] sounds & looks better than [B2]..hoho..then the idea came out..the[B"double"U]colletion..(still written as [BW] though) it means its not the "U" doubled here but the "B"..ahaha..whtsoever=p

well, anyway BEST (or anyone whoever read this), wht dou think? is it true tht bald is sexy?lol..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


were havin our final exam startin today!! jst this 1st paper was visual art & the rest will b on nxt week..huhu..

i should actually study on this time..but..

well its hard 2 believe tht i dont really study (is it?didnt think 4 tht paper..hoho..i tried 2 read some bt dunno, jst so out of mood..then jst end up with the books read me..ahaha(^_^) nevertheless i think i did pretty nice this so..huhu

i jst listening 2 music & takin pics

i know this may sound pathetic but i cant stop thinkin bout my own bussines (i mean the problem ive been facing so i wont blame any1for this ok..its jst me) tht i cant think about my study at all..huhu..tryin 2 but still struggling 2 get into the mood..

in the class, after the exam hours; 1 of the lecturer collecting the papers (while again im jst takin

anyway BEST, i really hope u can pls wish me best of luck ok (sometimes luck does play role..believe me!!)..hope tht i can do revision & study 4 real after this..ahaha..peace(^_^)

Friday, October 31, 2008


Im going to my dead big brother, today...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This photo was taken yesterday...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hari Semarak Bahasa Peringkat Kebangsaan

Yesterday morning, we have attended the launch of Hari Semarak Bahasa Peringkat Kebangsaan at Seremban City Hall. It is one of the activity for Bulan Bahasa dan Sastera Negara that will last for 2 months (about from October till November). This some kind like campaign goal is to spread & to make the use of Bahasa Melayu in the country wider in every aspect of life. Our college has sent two groups for the day which is coir group and pledge group. I was in the pledge group though it was a very last minute participation (I only wrote my name tht morning after we arrived at the city hall - never attend the practice session & even the rehearsal Anyway, every members of the group also got paid RM40 each as so much DBP(^_^)

outside city hall; fiqi, azrin, me & nurul

with some of the boys

the coir group

bored waiting; babab, aji, amir & me

still waiting; backstage; jst a

all together; after the launch ceremony

this is how we always stand out (i mean the

with eunice..

ok..1, 2 pose..ngee=p

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Best "GIRL"friend..

This is Pika..she's 1 of my classmate & hell yeah u read it right, she's my best "GIRL"friend!!!but pls dont get it wrong, "GIRL"friend not "girlfriend"=p

photograped by me(^_^)
i really mean it since we are nothin more but friend & believe me, we have no intention at all in having more than a friend relationship..well of cos since both of us already have our own B dont worry, i totally did not betray u=)

but its true tht here in college others already think tht we are a loving couple since we do act like we are (eat 2gether, walk 2gether & evn go out 2gether)..but wht more to do since i dont have any other friend tht i can completely put my trust but her..

honestly im so thankful 2 have her as my best "GIRL"friend since without her, i will b completely a lone ranger..i dont even have any other 2 share my problems but also so grateful that her bf do believe in me that i wont take her from him..thanks so much(^_^)

she evn sometimes help 2 calm me down with some advices when i do gt some problem with my lovelife (since i have 2 admit tht im no good with this love sick thing..hoho)..thts y i dont evn mind if others think tht she's my girlfriend (well nobody knows about my lovelife & only few knows about her no wonder)

but still, BEST u r still my very BESTfriend no doubt about tht(^_^)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Please Play Me..


Why you talking all that talk
Who you trying to impress
Think you better check your style
That might have worked before
but I ain't having it
Show me that you got the touch
Hear the words that I don't say
Gotta read between the lines
You gotta learn this song

Cause I wanna be played like a sweet guitar
Played like a slow jam in the dark
Gotta find the groove
You know what to do to get to me
I wanna be played like a violin
Make the strings talk with your finger tips

Never go to fast
Gotta understand
The way I need too be played
It's not about the way you roll
Your making it too obvious
Try to be original
You gotta learn me
Don't be in such a rush
I can be your symphony
Listen to me all night long
If you give me what I need
I could be your favorite song

Never go to fast
Gotta understand
The way I need too be played
You make it just like that
Come on do it again
We're going to get this right
Even if it takes all night
Do you feel me?
That's right
Take it nice and slow

Thursday, October 23, 2008


WE're best friend for a year and I'm glad that we've made it. (hehe, actually I don't know what to say but IM SO HAPPY!) I just want to thank you again, my best for the everything that youve done for me for the 1 whole year. I wish this relationship that we've made will last until eternity. So HAPPY ANIVERSARRY BEST... alwayas take care.

-LOVE from your best

1 year of BEST!!!

hey its official that we are a very BEST ever BESTFRIENDS 4 a this friendship gonna last forever(^_^)...u r my BEST & will always be..


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Artworks 4 The Exhibition

as promised..these are my artworks which been displayed in the exhibition..check em out(^_^)

1 of my folio..

honestly, im kinda pissed off that they've picked all my older artworks 2 b displayed in this exhibition & they dont even ask our opinion about which artworks do we want 2 perform..i was hoping that they displays my new artworks but what more to do..TT_TT

the pic that they use on the cover actually also by me(^_^)

some in the clear holder..

children's story book cover; Jojo's Journey

a novel cover; Mahal

magazine cover; My Kitties

my robot; Robot_B


already posted in the older post(^_^)


all three pencil drawings


the three acrylic works

In The Layer; acrylic

D.L.C.S ; acrylic

Flow-Er ; acrylic

me with my fav artwork of all; HOME ; oil painting

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


If tomorrow I have to go
Please, don't ever cry
But laugh
Cause I go before you

If tomorrow I have to go
Please, don't ever be sad
But celebrate
That I end this pain

If tomorrow I have to go
Please, don't ever felt sorry
But thankful
Nobody be hurt or to hurt

If tomorrow I have to go
Please, don't ever keep a piece of me
But vanish all
Cause they were me no more

If tomorrow I have to go
Please, don't ever think of me
But forget & forgive me
That I can't even remember you

Monday, October 20, 2008

Kembara Seni Exhibition - HIJAU

on the October 20th 2008, our exhibition finally officially launched and held in our college library 1st floor..the exhibition would be held for 5 days from October 20th till October 24th..

honestly, as the one who in charge with the place preparation (with Im & Akem), im quiet satisfied though it has been really mind blowing & a lot of tense since we only have a very little time 2 get the place ready 4 the exhibition..we only got time on friday; from 3pm till 5.30pm and (since the library is closed on weekend) continued on the monday from 7.30am till before the launch ceremony on 11am!!thank god, with a good co-operation from the class members, everything done nicely though maybe not completely as been planned..

our project manager giving her speech

some of the guest during the launch ceremony

Mr. Tan a.k.a the vice dean cutting the ribbon

Mr. Tan receiving a painting as a gift..

Mr. Tan checking out the guest book..

Mr. Tan signing the guest book..

our exhibition was officially launched by our college vice dean & he has been really supporting & enjoying the exhibition (we were so happy about that) though there were some technical problem during the ceremony (better keep as secret..hehe) even just sold my 1st painting right during the vice dean tour to a lecturer from social research unit..

for this exhibition, we have presented various types of artwork including sculptures (stable, mobile, assemblage), computer graphics (robot, novel & magazine cover), drawings (pencil, pencil color, marker, crayon), paintings (oil, water, acrylic, poster, mixed media) & folio from this semester..some of the artworks also available 4 sell except those tagged as private's are pics from the exhibition..

after the vice dean tour..hehe

me with Im..its my acrylic paintings..

p/s; ill try 2 post my artworks for this exhibition later..but some already posted in the older
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